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    New Understandings Tour and Giveaway!

    New Understandings General’s Daughter Book 8 by Breanna Hayse Genre: Contemporary Romance   Aquaman and Neil Gaiman fans! Who doesn’t love mermaids? The Sirens of the deep aren’t a myth anymore- rather they are the makings of nightmares. USMC Lt. Samantha Quimby is back and preparing for the most important mission of her life- a lifetime of love with the handsome, dominant Captain Lewis. However, the ocean has other plans for the feisty little Marine biologist when a dark mystery from the bowels of the earth is exposed and brings incomprehensible terror for the family. **** Sam’s increased confidence in her unique abilities brings her to investigate the ancient secrets…

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    Running From Dust Tour and Giveaway!

    Running From Dust by Jess Whitby Genre: Psychological Paranormal Thriller “I could not put this book down.” 5 Stars – Goodreads Reviewer “An attention grabbing psychological thriller.” 5 Stars – Goodreads Reviewer Jude Craig is a level-headed teacher in a Yorkshire secondary school. Within a matter of days her professional and personal life is shattered by a series of strange events in her house. What starts with the sound of papers fluttering to the floor quickly escalates to her discovering that someone has been in the house whilst she is sleeping. When Jude is driven out of her job and home she is forced to discover whether she is being…

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    All This Could Be Yours Blitz!!

      All This Could Be Yours J.V. Speyer Publication date: August 11th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance, Suspense Can a straightlaced FBI agent fake a relationship with a mob rat long enough to close the case? There’s only one way out of this family, but Tanner thinks he’s found another one. He’s going to fake a relationship with a straightlaced undercover FBI agent and help him take the organization down from within. That is, if the two of them don’t strangle each other first. Maddox hates the Mob. He doesn’t have a lot of respect for mob rats either. He knows why he was stuck with this case, and…

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