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    Guardian Domination Tour and Giveaway!

    Guardian Domination by Breanna Hayse Genre: Contemporary Romance    Celeste Bronston once again faces the law and the only way to avoid incarceration is to submit herself to a man she’s never met—her godfather, Jace Jordon. The judge’s condition is that the 18-year-old will be under Jace’s authority until she turns twenty-one. Having no other choice except for jail, she accepts the court’s offer.   Her legal guardian is not at all what she imagined him to be! Besides being young, quite wealthy and exceedingly handsome, the man has a unique way in dealing with obstinate and naughty young woman. Failure to follow his strict rules and exercising poor behavior…

  • Book Tour & Giveaway

    Broken Pieces Blitz

      Broken Pieces Tori Fox Publication date: June 20th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance I’ve been broken. Time and again. My body. My heart. My soul. I’m tired of pretending I’m happy. Even when he makes it seem easy. But my heart is incapable of loving again. ________________________ She thinks she can’t love. That there is nothing left in her to give to anyone. Especially me. But I would give anything to love her. If only my demons can stay in the past. I roll over on to my stomach with my feet in the air and look out the window. “Oh, I didn’t tell you? I am supposed to…

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    Coven Series Tour and Giveaway!

    Bewitched Souls The Coven Book 1 by Drako Genre: LGBT Paranormal Fantasy   The Coven is a special group of witches given charge of the manor on Genum Island, and Talis is considered the head and strongest of it. Joined by his sister, Teryn, and her husband, Cian, they protect their magic based home from the forces of darkness who seek the mysterious power of their home. It’s all routine, until Talis’ old crush shows up with a strong desire to take the head witch for himself.   Dion has come to terms with what he wants, and that’s Talis. He has a lot to make up for, but with…


    Faded Reveal

      Faded M.A. Lee (Crimes of Passion Saga, #1) Publication date: June 20th 2019 Genres: Adult, Romance The new Lizzie is motivated and determined. She has a dream and nothing is going to get in the way of her success. Especially, when she has a dark secret to hide. Spencer Chase is sexy, mysterious, and exactly what Lizzie wants, but doesn’t need. He spends his days working and his nights brooding alone. After spending his childhood being a punching bag for his father, Spencer found an outlet with MMA fighting- which worked until he was injured and forced to quit as he hit his prime in the fighting world. Now,…

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