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    Second Love in New York City ~Great Summer Reads Countdown Blitz

      Keri Brooks Mcwhorter is a sixth generation native of Chandler, Arizona. She’s fourth-generation graduate of Chandler High School, and has a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Arizona State University.   While serving a mission for the LDS Church, she met her husband in New York City. They have three children, a love of family, and an English Bulldog.      ~ Facebook ~     Madelyn’s and Ben’s families have been close friends since they moved next door to each other. When Madelyn’s husband Luke died, she swore she’d keep her marriage vows intact by remaining single for the rest of her life.  She and Ben relied on each other for…

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    General’s Little Angel Tour and Giveaway!

    The General’s Little Angel by Breanna Hayse Genre: Biography / Memoir What does age-play really look like and can an independent and intelligent woman really find healing as a submissive in a BDSM relationship? I was privileged to travel and explore many parts of the world. I admit that I was somewhat of a brat, and also out of control. My general took it upon himself to be a Daddy to me and my first Dominant as well. He made me face my fears, try exotic foreign foods, and even challenged me to go outside my comfort zone and learn to play–while he played along with me. Despite the trouble…

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    All the Dirty Secrets Tour and Giveaway!

    All the Dirty Secrets A Jake Carrington Thriller #4 by Marian Lanouette Genre: Mystery, Thriller Pub Date: 5/14/19 It’s a shocking blast from the past when homicide detective Jake Carrington finds himself investigating the last woman he’d suspect of murder . . . Recovering from a stab wound to the gut, and dealing with the news that his sister’s killer might beat the system, Lieutenant Jake Carrington needs some downtime. But that’s cut short by a very sensitive case: the murder of the police commissioner’s wife. The crime scene—a dive hotel, complete with provocative, incriminating photos—suggests the victim was having an affair. But Jake finds that hard to believe—as hard…

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