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    Beauty and the Bad Boy Tour and Giveaway!

    Dear Olivia Beauty and the Bad Boy Book 1 by Bella Fontaine Genre: Contemporary Romance From USA Today Bestselling Author Khardine Gray writing as Bella Fontaine, comes an emotionally-gripping second chance romance that will make you melt. Dear Olivia, I’m sorry I couldn’t stay. I had to leave because you asked me to take care of your brother and I didn’t. I couldn’t. It was the one time I never had his back and because of me he died. I couldn’t face you after that…. Those words … That was the point when my broken heart softened and let him back in. Eight years ago when Sam left my world…

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    High King of Britain Blitz!

      High King of Britain Tracy Cooper-Posey (Once and Future Hearts #5) Publication date: May 30th 2019 Genres: Fantasy, Historical, Romance All she wants is to fight for Arthur and Britain. Lady Mair is a daughter of Corneus—the house of perfect warriors—and wants only to serve Arthur, War Duke of Britain, as her brothers Lucan and Bedivere do. Yet King Alun of Brocéliande wants to make her his queen, which would mean leaving Britain and Arthur’s court. Alun’s younger brother and Mair’s best friend, Rawn, sees things as Mair does—nothing is more important than being the best warriors they can be. Only Mair is entangled in the politics of the…

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    Garrett’s Ghost Tour and Giveaway!

    Garrett’s Ghost by Pamela Ackerson Genre: Time Travel Western What’s a time traveling Texas Ranger supposed to do? Garrett Houston is being harassed by a ghost. Trouble is brewing and her name is Margarite. She’s an unrelenting force determined to get his attention. It may be too late for her, but if she could get him to listen, she may be able to save some lives. A story of unrequited love, the power of healing, and the embracing need to never give up. Unforgettable moments and unforgettable characters will tug at the heartstrings with a myriad of emotions. Garrett’s Ghost is a touching story brimming with down-home Texas charm. **Free…

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    Primal Possession Blitz!

      Primal Possession Tabitha Black (Alphas of Sandor, #1) Publication date: May 30th 2019 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance If only I hadn’t been captured on market night… Despite being born an Omega, I refused to spend my life in a facility, waiting for a suitable Alpha to claim me as his. Instead, with the help of my family, I broke the law, hiding among the Betas, trying to live a normal life. It worked for five long years… … until I was caught. Now I’ve been chosen by Arius, the second most powerful Alpha in Sandor. The moment my scent reached him, overcome by the rut, he had to take…

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    Accidental Knight Blitz!

      Accidental Knight Nicole Snow Publication date: May 28th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Accidentally wed to a man I’ve never met… I inherited a freaking husband. Grandpa’s will was a shocker: huge fortune, gorgeous ranch, and the best horse ever. The fine print? Marrying Mr. Grump-alicious. The man who’s supposed to protect me from…what, exactly? That’s what I hope to find out if Drake Larkin ever talks. I know what I’m in for the first time his glance tears me open. A broody enigma who’s large and in charge. A mute who curls my toes when he barks a few words. A silly, shameful, is-this-real-life crush I can’t afford.…

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