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    Wiccan Way Tour and Giveaway!

    Destiny Awaits The Wiccan Way Book 1 by Nicole Coverdale Genre: Paranormal Urban Fantasy   For as long as the earth has been afloat, demons, witches, Gods, and angels have walked among us. Unknown to the human world, and now the time has come for four sisters to embrace a destiny… Josslyn, Jade, and Julie Morgan never imagined magic was real. That is until they visited their grandmother’s grave. Now a journal their deceased mother left for them, a symbol they all know too well, and an earthquake in Minnesota has them all believing in the impossible… They’re witches. Good witches, destined to keep the human world safe from the…

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    K Club Dark Side Tour and Giveaway!

    Awakening Submission The K Club Dark Side Book 1 by Rachell Nichole Genre: Dark Erotic Romance   I am not a submissive. Nuh uh, no way. As a relationship therapist, I understand the appeal of kink, I really do, but it was never for me. Until him. Sir Clayton Schultz, PhD strode into my life unannounced and with the air of arrogance that only a Dom like him could have. A chance meeting at a kinky conference where I’m teaching a workshop on the psychology of relationships, leads to one hell of a night. But Sir has rules to follow. We’re intent on having a little fun at the conference…

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    Eye of the Hurricane (Giveaway)

      Eye of the Hurricane Ophelia Bell ((A Fate’s Fools Novella: Breath of Air Collection) ) Publication date: April 30th 2019 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance My name is Aella, and Fate wants me dead. According to entertainment news, I’m the Angel of the Las Vegas Strip, the most sold-out singer at the Pandemonium Casino. According to the higher races—who I didn’t even know existed up till now—I’m part of the bloodline, which means I’m part-human, part-something else. It also means I’m a threat to Fate’s precious balance. To protect me from Fate’s wrath, three demigods have taken it upon themselves to act as my guardians—and lovers. But with the hounds…

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    Mamma’s Moon Tour and Giveaway!

    Mamma’s Moon The Hoodoo of Peckerwood Finch by Jerome Mark Antil Genre: Thriller   “Jerome Mark Antil’s Mamma’s Moon does for Acadiana what Truman Capote did for Tiffany’s or Tennessee Williams did for streetcars. This is a novel about a lot of things, including sex, crime, life, and death. But most of all, it’s a novel about hope and about love. Mamma’s Moon gives the reader a dramatic and insightful glimpse into the very special world of today’s Louisiana French Acadians, whose early tragic history was immortalized by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his classic poem, Evangeline, even before the heartless bayou’s more contemporary history was buried deep and forgotten.” Tom Hyman (LA Times bestselling…

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