• Book Tour & Giveaway

    Ragnarok Tour and Giveaway!

    Ragnarok Worlds Collide Book 1 by Michael Smorenburg Genre: Fantasy, Romantic Suspense A secret NASA experiment gone wrong, the chaos that erupts, and one reporter seeking the truth who chases leads where she shouldn’t. On a flight from Paris to Los Angeles Tegan Mulholland is intrigued & charmed by Pete, the mysterious stranger sitting beside her. But when their plane almost falls from the sky and other jets in her vicinity wink from the radar, the official explanations that follow reek to Tegan’s retired investigative journalist mind of cover up. What is not declared: A secret NASA experiment has warped a column of time instead of space, plucking with it…

  • Book Tour & Giveaway

    Northern Lights: Lena Tour and Giveaway!

    Lena Northern Lights Book 1 by Breanna Hayse Genre: Contemporary Romance What does a little prima ballerina do when she falls in love with three gorgeous Daddy Doms while in the brand-new, isolated, age-play community of Northern Lights, Alaska? Russian raised and trained to be prima for the Bolshoi, Lena wasn’t prepared for the new life waiting for her—a life filled with candy apples, a castle fit for a princess, and three handsome men to love on her and make all her dreams come true. Most of all, she’s allowed to discover, and enjoy, the little girl hidden inside of her heart. After being kidnapped and held hostage by the…

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