Pawsitively Poisonous Reveal

      Pawsitively Poisonous Melissa Erin Jackson Publication date: June 10th 2019 Genres: Adult, Cozy Mystery Every town has its secrets, but no one has a secret like hers. Amber Blackwood, lifelong resident of Edgehill, Oregon, has earned a reputation for being a semi-reclusive odd duck. Her store, The Quirky Whisker, is full of curiosities, from extremely potent sleepy teas and ever-burning candles to kids’ toys that seem to run endlessly without the aid of batteries. The people of Edgehill think of the Quirky Whisker as an integral part of their feline-obsessed town, but most give Amber herself a wide berth. Amber prefers it that way; it keeps her secret safe.…


    Ruin Reveal

      Ruin Nicolina Martin (Russo Saga, #2) Published by: Blushing Books Publications Publication date: May 2nd 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance An innocent coffee. A dazzling stranger. What can go wrong? Anna Raymond focuses only on her work at a little custom printing company in LA. She’s become a recluse after a traumatic experience that tore her life apart. Then Eric happens, barging into her life one morning at a Starbucks. By the time night falls, she has witnessed a murder, fought for her life, and revealed secrets she meant to keep buried forever. Eric Reed is a hired killer, well aware of his effect on women and how to…

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    Absolution Blitz

      Absolution J.V. Speyer Publication date: April 23rd 2019 Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense The would-be highwayman killer’s case is closed, and Luis has been cleared to return to work. He and Donovan are starting their new life together, and while they’re both a little new at this whole “stable relationship” thing they’re determined to make things work. When people start dying at Assonet Ledge, it seems like a typical case for Donovan until one of the victims turns out to be a missing person from out of state, bringing the FBI into one of Donovan’s cases yet again. The park ranger at the site is everything Donovan isn’t, and Donovan…

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    Of Shadow and Light Blitz

      Of Shadow and Light Ebony Olson Publication date: May 1st 2019 Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance She will be the one to take his coldness, She will unveil the Unseelie darkness and show them light. She will unite what should never have broken. The daughter of the moon will teach him love and the radiance of the sun. Her inner light will purify the tainted ones, And she will guide the fey by wisp-light. ‘Prophecy of the Dark Prince’ Messina Doe was just looking for a warm place to spend the night. What she discovers is a place the human race had long ago buried and forgotten. The dark Fey…

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    Calendar Men Series Tour and Giveaway!

    Welcome to the Calendar Men Collection. 12 Books. 12 Authors. Each book references a particular month. All books are stand alone and independent of each other. January by Jude Ouvrard Defeated. That’s how Evan Keeler feels. His last tour overseas ended with personal injuries and the loss of his best friend, Fynn Parker. Evan has become broody and gets lost in the darkness of his thoughts more often. Which is no surprise, when he doesn’t see an end to his therapy appointments and can’t seem to get out of his parents’ basement. At her wit’s end, his mother decides it’s enough. Little by little, Mrs. Keeler convinces Evan to try…

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