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    Cut Reality Tour and Giveaway!

    Cut Reality by Zack Hacker Genre: Psychological Thriller, Suspense   When the specter of death comes to reality TV, who’s to blame? After a reality television competitor dies during filming, it sends the cast reeling. Follow Jason Debord as he takes on the role of amateur detective to gain clarity into the death of a reality TV co-star and ends up uncovering criminal conspiracy. When Jason returned home from competing on Beached, he’d lost weight, couldn’t sleep, and felt more alone than ever. But he expected those changes. Jason had no way to predict that one of his fellow competitors would fling himself from a cliff. Unless he didn’t. Jason…

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    Sniper Blitz

      Sniper Giulia Lagomarsino (Reed Security #13) Publication date: April 22nd 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Chance “Sniper” Hendrix is all about a good time. He was married when he was serving as a Navy SEAL and it didn’t work out so well for him. When his wife left him, he decided that he was going to enjoy life and do what he loved. He knows that marriage can be good, but he just doesn’t want to go there again. He never intended to sleep with a stripper. He never intended to get involved in her life. But now that he has, there’s no turning back. But there’s nothing fun…

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    Scions Tour and Giveaway!

    Scions The Scribe Cycle #3 by James Wolanyk Genre: Dark Fantasy Pub Date: 4/9/19  Three years have passed since the devastation of Golyna. Anna, once the maker of immortals, continues to fight the evil she unwillingly created through her rune-carving magic. Secreted away in an isolated mountain monastery, she works as a teacher to young scribes, guiding them toward runes that foster peace rather than endless war. So when the tracker who murdered her brother comes to Anna’s redoubt, begging for his eternal runes to be undone, Anna agrees to grant his wish on one condition—that he aid her in rooting out the remnants of Volna, a genocidal regime bent…

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