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    Worst Kind of Love Tour and Giveaway!

    The Worst Kind of Love by Jonah Evarts Genre: YA Fiction This is a love story. Just not the kind you’re thinking of. Jaden is dealing with some major heart aches as he enters his first semester of college. All he wants is to forget about his ex, find a new girlfriend, and get semi-decent grades. But life has much more complicated plans for him. During his first day of class, he meets Cole, probably the most attractive male human being on the planet. Jaden is immediately overshadowed, throwing a wrench in his plans to find a girlfriend. It doesn’t help that the single girl he is interested in wants…

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    Frostbitten Tour and Giveaway!

    Frostbitten: Book 3 The Ice Rose Series by Destiny Hawkins Genre: Paranormal Romance, LGBT I thought that I saw her. I know I did… But she was dead, and she died a long time ago. After being attacked by anti-supernatural soldiers, Alexa and I were taken in by a pack of Alaskan werewolves with plans on fighting back, and although grateful that we were given a home and shelter, it was hard to face a werewolf named Loren who resembled a woman that Alexa once loved. She was also the most unpleasant pack member of them all. That’s why when I spotted a woman in a white dress with long…

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    Faithful Blitz

      Faithful Frankie Love (The Mountain Man’s Babies, #10) Publication date: April 18th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance The moment I saw her I knew. Knew that we would have a future, a family, a forever. Her father says she’s too young, too naive, too innocent. But she is more than he knows. She’s the love of my goddamn life. Then she’s gone in the blink of an eye. But this mountain was made for miracles, and I’m fighting for ours. I have faith in the impossible. Faith in us. And nothing will stop me from being the man she needs. Dear Reader, FAITHFUL is the epic conclusion to the…

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