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    Gap Year Tour and Giveaway!

    The Gap Year Angela’s Epistles Book 1 by Rita Kruger Genre: SciFi Action, LGBT Romance Angela Wright might have everything her father’s money can buy, but that meant nothing to her on the night of her twenty-eight birthday. She is angry and a little bit drunk as she flees the scene of a fight with her mother. All her life she has done the right thing. But she is tired of living under her mother’s shadow. How can she ever compete with Margaret Wright, the first Human judge on the Intergalactic High Court? Within the space of a few days, Angela drops out in the last semester at Intergalactic Bureau…

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    Three Star Island Blitz

      Three Star Island Kat Caulberg Published by: Soul Mate Publishing Publication date: April 10th 2019 Genres: Adult, Historical, Romance, Time-Travel Stepping through a time portal into 1716, historian Penny Saunders didn’t expect to get stranded in the past. Five years later, now a pariah to the townsfolk of Three Star Island, she endures solitude and ridicule until a hurricane tosses a dangerous castaway onto her shores. William Payne’s history precedes him. Pirate, outlaw, and ruthless captain, he’s a monster among men. . . or so it seems. Desperately seeking redemption for his blood-soaked past, he upends Penny’s world by showing her a passion she’s never experienced. But time is…

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    Their Discovery Blitz

      Their Discovery Rebecca Grace Allen (Legally Bound, #3) Publication date: April 29th 2019 Genres: Erotica, Romance Exploring their fantasies could save their marriage…or push it over the edge Legally Bound, Book 3 Samantha Archer’s life has hit a wall. Her world is housework, homework and reminding her husband—the biggest kid in the family—to help out at home. Once she felt confident, powerful and sexy, but Brady doesn’t seem to notice her anymore, and now all she feels is invisible. Brady has tried being the goofy guy who stole Sam’s heart, but it’s not working. He’s losing the woman he loves and doesn’t have a clue how to fix it.…

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    Afterglow Tour and Giveaway!

    Afterglow General’s Daughter #6 by Breanna Hayse Genre: Contemporary Romance If you’re an AQUAMAN and Neil Gaiman fan, you WILL fall in love with THE GENERALS’ DAUGHTER Marine Biologist, and USMC special ops officer, Samantha Quimby, is back with brand new adventures, and (as always) a whole lot of trouble! From a family camping trip in the Sierra Nevadas, to investigating a mysterious phenomena in the black depths of the La Jolla trench, the young woman attracts danger like a bee to honey. As if that’s not enough, Sam’s also introduced to the intimacy of both Richard’s love-making and the severity of his discipline. However, neither expect that her instinctive ability to…

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