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    My One Blitz

      My One Kimberly Knight (Halo #4) Publication date: April 2nd 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance The girl on the cruise ship was the one he’d always wanted … The guy on the cruise ship was her Prince Charming … After suffering a miscarriage, Avery and Nicole were ready to get married and put the pieces of their relationship back together again. They jetted off to Vegas to get hitched and had a dream come true honeymoon. But getting married in Vegas was just the beginning of their journey. When an unexpected tragedy reveals an unexpected truth, Avery and Nicole are left questioning everything they thought they knew about love,…

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    Dead Planet Series Tour and Giveaway!

    Exodus The Dead Planet Series Book 1 by Drew Avera Genre: Science Fiction The future is darker than you think! Serus is a killer. As a policeman he was recruited to be a weapon at the Martian government’s disposal. Brainwashed into compliance, he’s lost the life he once had, but his memories remain. When a hit is placed on his sister’s life, Serus is faced with the dark reality that in order to save Kara, he must go rogue and doing so will put both of their lives in danger. Forced into an unlikely alliance to save Kara, Serus discovers a truth that could bring Mars to its knees, but…

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    Henrietta the Dragon Slayer Tour and Giveaway!

    Henrietta the Dragon Slayer Henrietta the Dragon Slayer Book 1 by Beth Barany Genre: YA Fantasy Adventure She’s a legend at 17, but only Henrietta knows the price she paid for her fame … and it was much too high. From the Winner of the California Fiction Writer’s Book Contest comes this thrilling adventure of a young warrior on one final quest … against an opponent she swore never to face again. Henrietta, the legendary Dragon Slayer of Bleuve, can’t face the thought of another kill. She’s lost family, friends and home on her rocky road to fame. But when the young warrior is summoned by a King to retrieve…

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