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    Dear You Tour and Giveaway!

    Dear You by Derra Nicole Sabo Genre: Biography   Dear You is a lovely invitation into Derra Nicole Sabo’s world. A wonderful opportunity borne out of a complex and challenging experience, to recall the good times with loved ones, the chance to express the rarely spoken profound specifics of what binds friends and family together. Derra Sabo shares a bit of her world with you in this delightful memoir filled with “letters” to family and friends. Overcoming challenges by simply living life; Derra shares her experiences here in hopes of helping the reader gain an appreciation for life as it happens. This is a heart-warming collection of letters to loved…

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    Anywhere Blitz

      Anywhere Riley Lory (The Red Oak Bay Series, #1) Publication date: February 13th 2019 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Alyx My life is a mess. I’m only twenty-two years old, and it’s been a mess for four years already. Every plan I had made for my future fell apart the day tragedy hit. Every dream I had found a new place in the smallest, most hidden corner of my mind. Responsibilities replaced them, and now it seems like that’s all my life is made of. And I’ve come to accept that reality. I don’t like it, but I accept it. Until Noah drops anchor in the small town I never…

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    Dirty Dozen: Princess Edition Boxed Set Blitz

      The Dirty Dozen: Princess Edition Publication date: February 14th 2019 Genres: Adult, Fairy Tales, Romance 12 Novellas ~12 Princesses ~ 12 Authors What happens when 12 contemporary romance authors decide to put their own spin on classic Princess stories? You get 12 uniquely different Princesses where they give as good as they get. Every girl has a fairy tale Princess slumbering within; they are waiting for their very own Prince Charming to awaken them. Join this amazing line up of authors as they tell the tales of how their Princesses were awoken. No matter the style or how naughty and nice, one of these tales will become your new…

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    Claiming Grace

    There is abuse and then there is ABUSE. Claiming Grace the first book in Ace Security written by Susan Stoker was more than your ordinary romance. Logan knew what abuse was, he lived it along, with his brothers. Now, he is home to say goodbye to his father, who died from the same abuser…his wife, the mother of his three children. At their father’s grave, the brothers swore to assist others like them, that is when Ace Security was established. A memorable book, with a strong storyline, surrounding serious physical and emotional abuse. The characters are very well developed and well written. This was an excellent start to this series.…

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    Parabellum by Author Jack Nanuq

      JACK NANUQ currently makes his living as a Private Investigator; hence the nom de guere (and no profile photo). Prior this occupation he lived the nine lives of a cat. He has been a teacher, police officer, park ranger, equipment operator, freight handler and even a ranch hand. He has lived and worked in Egypt, Alaska, Oregon and New York (the State, not the City). He has snorkeled in the Red Sea. Slept on the Nile River and under the Northern Lights (but not at the same time). Walked among grizzlies, ridden his bike under the midnight sun, climbed Mt St Helens, and even  jumped out of a perfectly…

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    Uncle and Ants Tour and Giveaway!

    Uncle and Ants A Silicon Valley Mystery Book 1 by Marc Jedel Genre: Cozy Mystery Mysterious attacks. Mischievous nieces. Can a clueless uncle catch a tech-savvy killer … and be home before bedtime? When a freak accident hospitalizes Marty Golden’s sister and condemns him to babysitter duty, he thinks it’s just another case of hardwired bad luck in Silicon Valley. Until a suspicious murder suggests the mishap was no mere coincidence. Something must be done. Too bad this quirky, fashion-backward uncle isn’t exactly hero material. Convinced his sister is in mortal danger, this amateur sleuth follows clues to an oddball array of suspects. Armed with nothing but an eye for detail…

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