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    The Hollywood Via Orchard Street Tour and Giveaway!

    Hollywood via Orchard Street by Wayne Clark Genre: Historical Fiction Deciding that the hopelessness he sees around him on New York’s squalid Lower East Side during the Great Depression isn’t for him, a young man invents an alter ego with the chutzpah he hopes will make a name for himself. In the process he accidentally ignites a war between the Irish mob and a Chinese tong, learns to drink and finds love for the first time. Will he and his alter ego ever reunite? They will have to if he doesn’t want to lose the love of a beautiful Broadway actress. **Only 99 cents!!** Add to Goodreads Amazon * Apple…

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    The Corpse Whisperer – Book Tour

    Title: The Corpse Whisperer Series: An Allie Nighthawk Mystery Book 1 Author:  H.R. Boldwood Genre: Urban Fantasy, Mystery   Welcome to the world of Allie Nighthawk, corpse whisperer and badass zombie hunter. “If you raise deadheads, you’d better be able to put ‘em down. Nobody said it was pretty. But in this day, when vampires aren’t just for breakfast anymore, and the dead are disposable pawns for necromancers, someone has to ante up. Looks like I won the lotto. Imagine my delight. You should thank me, really, because the world is batshit crazy.” When the zombie population spikes and no one knows why, it’s up to Allie to solve the…

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    Demon’s Mercy / Yearwood La Novela Review

    Demon’s Mercy, the latest book in the Dark Protector series, written by Rebecca Zanetti. This book is was extremely entertaining. This paranormal romance was filled with steamy passion and wild battles to keep any readers well amused. The chemistry between Logan and Mercy was hot, to say the least.  With the fast-paced plot, Ms. Zanetti brings the Dark Protector series back to life with intense metaphors which make… Demon’s Mercy one of the best out of this series I enjoyed the most. Demon’s Mercy a highly entertaining read. If you’re a huge fan of paranormal romance, I highly recommend this title.  This book certainly lived up to my expectations.

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