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    Heartwood: A Magical Realism Novel

    Heartwood by Nance Newman Genre: Fantasy, Magical Realism Publisher: NTL Publishing Publication: December 13, 2018 In the Adirondack Mountains the forests are dying by the hand of a demon whose only purpose is the destruction of the natural world. Within the high peaks of the Adirondacks a magical edifice, Heartwood, appears yet remains hidden from the world. Inhabited by the descendants of an ancient race who have been protecting the natural world since the beginning of their existence, they will wait for the next true Xylem who is the only one powerful enough to fight the demon. The battle will soon begin. Heartwood weaves legend into reality as the world’s…

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    Winter’s Heist – Blitz

      Winter’s Heist Emily Duvall Publication date: December 6th 2018 Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense Beautiful. Haunting. Rare. The Fabergé Eggs are on display at the Carter Museum of History and Science. Jason Hood, the museum’s pretentious owner, knows their value is bound to attract attention, but the coordinated attack on the exhibit is not something he saw coming. A field trip to the museum for Amara Massey and her students takes a deadly turn. She finds herself at the center of a police investigation with few leads. Convinced Amara is withholding information, Jason pursues her to get the answers he cannot get on his own. The outcome neither of them…

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    Resisting the Rancher – Book Blitz

      Resisting the Rancher Kadie Scott (Hills of Texas #2) Published by: Tule Publishing Publication date: July 30th 2018 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance First comes marriage, then comes… Rusty Walker has spent her entire life trying to earn her tough, ranching father’s respect and approval by learning the business inside and out. But now her uncompromising parent has decreed she must marry if she wants to inherit. Worse, her husband has to be someone who can help her run the business. As if she needs it! Williams Hill kissed Rusty in a bar in an act of temporary insanity, and lost his heart to her on the spot. Despite the…

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    Scenes of Mild Peril – Book Tour and Giveaway

      Title: Scenes of Mild Peril Author:  David Court Genre: Horror / Sci-fi / Satire , Short Stories Across thirty disquieting stories, we’ll encounter such tales as, “Sovereign’s Last Hurrah”, featuring a team of retired super-powered villains embarking on one last caper with their legendary super-hero rival. “A Comedian Walks into a Bar”, in which a hungry and ambitious amateur learns that the fabled secret of comedy may come at too high a cost. “83”, where the interview for a dream job becomes a nightmare, and “In Vino Veritas, In Vino Mors”, where a dying wine collector takes part in a very special tasting session, courtesy of a very special visitor.…

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