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    Never Let Me Fall (Fatal Dreams #3

      A sinister and romantic love story of intrigue and inspiring tale of perseverance. Never Let Me Fall, is the 3rd book in the Fatal Dreams series by Abbie Roads. I read all the books in Fatal Dreams series, this title like the last didn’t disappoint when it came to the romance and the intrigue. Helena Grayse knows terror, and she knows pain. Incarcerated for the slaying of her boyfriend. She spent 10 years fiending of attacks by a group of inmates known as the Sisters. Ten years of being stabbed, beaten and other known atrocities known to man. In that entire time, she spent on dreaming of the day,…

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    Worth the Wait (Alpha One, #2)

    Worth the Wait J.B. Heller (Alpha One, #2) Publication date: November 8th 2018 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense What happens when an ex-marine who has never known real love falls for a vivacious redhead about to give up on the concept? When Zak locked eyes on the feisty redhead storming the lobby of an upscale hotel, he didn’t stand a chance. In iridescent green tights, she had grown men cupping their balls as the fire flashing in her eyes passed over them and Zak was a goner. He saw through her smart mouth and quick wit to the fragile woman beneath her bravado. Ellie was beginning to think that love…

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