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    Dracula’s Brides Book Tour

    Dracula’s Brides Presented by Enchanted Anthologies Genre: Paranormal Romance Centuries ago, Dracula found himself cursed at the hands of a witch after murdering her family. Now, he is forced to live his days as a slave to the sun, plagued with a constant thirst for blood, and an immortality without love. Crina was a farm girl in Romania who met Vlad shortly after he turned. He fell in love with her innocence and kindness. Emilia was a virgin who was stolen away from her family and fiance on the eve of her wedding, captured by the count for her beauty. Isabella was the last to turn at his hands. Her…

  • Book Tour & Giveaway

    Finding Sunshine by Rene Webb

    Are you ready to spend a night with Xavier? New Erotic Romantic Suspense from Rene Webb – Uncovering Lily out June 7th! Title: Uncovering Lily Author: Rene Webb Series: MacKay International Genre: Erotic Romance Release Date: June 7, 2018 Length: 33,000 words Format: Digital   Businessman, Xavier Finch was at the brothel to meet with a potential investor. He never intended to spend the night. When he sees Lily he instantly recognizes her, but she doesn’t remember him.   Now Xavier has only one night to make her his.   Are you ready to spend the night with Xavier? Virgin, Lily MacKay has been drugged, kidnapped and imprisoned in a…

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