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A FIRST LOOK at DON’T CHEAT ME by Jackie May!!!


Don’t Cheat Me
Jackie May
(Nora Jacobs #2)
Publication date: May 21st 2018
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

One month after Nora’s violent induction to the dangerous supernatural side of Detroit, she’s finally settling into her new life as the underworld’s token human. All she wants to do is mind her own business, enjoy her new friends, and stay safe. But that’s easier said than done when she’s such an enigma to everyone around her.

Thanks to her unique psychic abilities, she’s garnered a reputation for being mysterious and powerful. When the alpha of a local werewolf pack asks her to help him figure out who is stealing from him, she can’t say no, even though getting involved in pack business could have deadly repercussions.

While tangled up in a heap of werewolf troubles, Nora can’t quite shake her old vampire problem, either. Henry is practically stalking her, Parker is breaking down the walls around her heart, and Nora’s blatant fear of the blood-sucking monsters is a delicious temptation for the natural predators.

Nora’s succubus friend, Cecile, believes throwing her a “coming out” party into underworld society is the best way to solve all of her problems, but Nora disagrees. If the vampires and werewolves don’t kill her, Cecile’s party planning definitely will.

This is book 2 in the Nora Jacobs series and should be read after book 1. It is a slow burn reverse harem series.

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Author Bio:

Jackie May is a pseudonym for a husband and wife writing team. Josh and Kelly live in Phoenix, Arizona with their four children and their cat, Mr. Darcy. Jackie May is their only daughter. (And she keeps asking for her cut of the profits since we’re using her name.)

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Book Tour| Blind Justice – A Legal Thriller

Blind Justice
by Nathan Burrows
Genre: Legal Thriller
Gareth Dawson is an innocent man. Not a murderer. His main problem is that
the British justice system doesn’t agree with him.
He might be a reformed thief guilty of many things in his past, but not
murder. In the space of a few short months, he’s gone from being
married to the woman of his dreams to facing a life sentence.
Inside Her Majesty’s Prison Whitemoor, a Category A prison in
Cambridgeshire, Gareth’s got all the time in the world to go over
the events that led to the guilty verdict. The guilty verdict which
cost him everything in the world that he loved.
His dignity. His freedom. His wife.
Gareth is approached by a lawyer, Paul Dewar, who claims to have information
that will vindicate Gareth. But is it enough to set him free? As
threats against Gareth increase on the inside, Paul Dewar’s
challenge, and Gareth’s fight for freedom, begins.
 bj- excerpt


I jumped as the thick metal door slammed shut. It wasn’t just the sound, but the physical force of it closing that affected me. The pressure changes inside the small cell were palpable. I could feel it in my ears, like that feeling you get on an aeroplane, and my heart thudded in my chest a couple of times before returning to normal. If only the rest of me could calm down, things would be a lot easier.

I looked around the cell, taking in the four white walls that would be my home for the next fifteen years. They seemed so close, almost suffocating. The cell was maybe six feet by ten. There was a small window high on one wall with a glow coming through it I knew was from the streetlights outside. I’d considered trying to see out, but even if I climbed up to the window, I wouldn’t be able to see anything through the opaque reinforced glass. The only other light in the room was a bright fluorescent shaft of light from the observation window set into the green metal door. Even though it was my first night in this cell, I knew in about ten minutes that light would disappear as the prison guards turned off the main lights to the wing.

Other than the bunk bed I was sitting on and the bare toilet in the corner, the only furniture in the cell was a small table with a chair and a cabinet bolted to the wall near the window. I lay back on the bottom bunk, wriggling to fit myself into the bed. They weren’t made for people my size. That much was for certain. I’d

been told that my cellmate, who was in the hospital wing for a few days, had already claimed the top bunk. I couldn’t see any point in making a scene about it. Not on my first day, anyway.

The events of the last few weeks ran through my mind as I examined the bottom of the mattress above me. Being arrested, being remanded, and being tried. Being found guilty.

Maths had never been my strong point, but I tried to do the sums in my head. I wanted to know how many times the cell door would slam before I would be eligible for parole. There were three hundred and sixty-five days in a year, so I needed to multiply that by fifteen. When I realised it was over five thousand, I gave up trying to work it out. Fifteen years was a long time, but it was the minimum term for my crime.


bj- guest post

What inspired you to write this book?

In one word, insomnia!

I was working over in the Middle East for a 6 month fixed period, and I was living in a very small accommodation. Basically, it was a tiny shipping container with a door, not unlike a prison cell. I couldn’t sleep, and was lying there one night comparing it in my head to being in prison.

Now I’ve never been in prison, but one of the things that I thought about while I was trying to get to sleep was what would it be like to actually be in prison? Then, from there, what would it be like to be in prison for a crime you didn’t commit! And from there, Blind Justice was born.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I’m currently writing a dark comedy called ‘Meat’. It’s a very different book to Blind Justice, but it’s such a good story that I just have to get it out there! It’s set in a post-Brexit United Kingdom, and involves pig farming. I’m not going to say any more than that, other than the tag line for the book is ‘That Wasn’t Pork’…

How did you come up with the concept and characters for the book?

It was more a case of they came to me. Once I had the overall concept, some of the characters were obvious. I introduced one a bit later on – Laura Flynn – to avoid having an all male ‘cast’, and she quickly became one of my favourite characters. We’ll definitely be seeing more of her in the future!

Where did you come up with the names in the story?

I use a fantastic writing tool called Scrivener to write with. One of the features it has is a character name generator. I used it to come up with names that I liked, and that I thought fit the characters.

What did you enjoy most about writing this book?

Finishing it! Seriously, it turned into a bit of a slog in the end, because I wanted the book to be as good as it could be.

Tell us about your main characters- what makes them tick?

My main character is a man called Gareth Dawson, and I guess to an extent there’s elements of me in the character. He’s not particularly complex, just a normal man in abnormal circumstances. With respect to the other characters, I would say there’s an undercurrent of fairness within them all – they all want the right thing to happen, but their motives are different.

Who designed your book covers?

I used a company called The Cover Collection. Their work is fantastic, and Debbie – the designer I worked with – was lovely.

If you could spend time with a character from your book whom would it be? And what would you do during that day?

It would have to be Jennifer, Gareth’s wife, just to see if she’s as perfect as Gareth thinks she is! I would like to take her out for a meal to try to find out what makes her tick.

What did you edit out of this book?

There was a lot that ended up on the editing room floor. The first draft came in at way over 140,000 words, which is far too long. It’s difficult to go into too much detail about what was cut as this would give away parts of the story that I want readers to enjoy.

Nathan Burrows is a writer based in Norfolk in the United Kingdom. His debut
novel, Blind Justice, was published in March 2018.
Nathan’s a keen reader as well as a writer. He occasionally runs marathons,
has a Norwich City football club season ticket, and is the proud
part-owner of a Daschund puppy called Bertie.
His current work in progress is tentatively called ‘Meat’, and is a
dark post-Brexit comedy. It’s currently scheduled to be released in
the autumn.
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Review and Excerpt Tour for FAST RIDE by Michelle Dayton!


We are excited to celebrate the release of Michelle Dayton’s new release, FAST RIDE! Join in on the fun with reviews, excerpts, plus a giveaway! FAST RIDE is a spicy, surprisingly emotional, contemporary romance, the first in a brand-new series. Find out what happens when Jen Appleton says yes to a one-night stand in a roadside motel with the hot, hot, hot Garrett Tracy.


Title:  Fast Ride
Author: Michelle Dayton
Published: April 30, 2018
Publisher: Self-published
Series: Tracy Brothers
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Word Count: 53K
 Jen Appleton is the woman who always says yes. To her boss. To her employees. To charity. To everyone except herself. But when she rear-ends a red Porsche on her way home from a nasty day at work, and the man driving the midlife-crisis cliché turns out to be hot, hot, hot, Jen decides tonight’s the night to say yes to things she’s never said yes to before.

Yes, to a one-night stand in a motel.

Yes, to the hottest night on record.

Yes, to anything Garrett Tracy wants to do to her body.

Garrett knows the chemistry between them can only be described as extreme. But it’s just one night. And then he can get back to work convincing his ex-girlfriend to give him another shot.

When Jen approaches Garrett as the only person in Chicago who might solve her massive work problem, he agrees to help—on the condition that Jen will coach him in winning back his ex. As they work on their projects, Jen and Garrett can’t resist the incredible attraction sparking between them. It’s the perfect friends-with-benefits situation. Until Jen’s heart finally forces her to start saying no

Order Now: Amazon | iBooks | B&N | Kobo




Copyright © 2018 Michelle Dayton

 She was damn sexy when she was concentrating. Garrett finished laying out a somewhat sneakier strategy for her to follow at work and tried not to laugh when she jotted notes on a cocktail napkin.

“Text me early next week and let me know how it goes.” Then, impulsively he added, “We could even meet again in person if you need a sounding board.”

She folded her cocktail-napkin notes and put them in her purse. When she turned to him, her big brown eyes were shining. “I cannot thank you enough. This might actually work.” She bounced a little on her barstool and took a sip of beer. “I’m a little giddy,” she laughed. “I’ve been feeling so awful and hopeless this week, and it feels so good to have a plan of attack.”

It was inevitable. His dick had been at half-mast for most of their time together tonight, and he went fully hard at “it feels so good” in that low, prim voice. Both his brain and his cock remembered the last time she said that. Vividly.

Shifting in his seat to ease the discomfort, he just said, “You’re very welcome,” in a voice that had dropped by a half-octave.

Leave it alone, idiot. They had a good deal going here. She’d actually made a lot of sense when it came to the Melissa situation, and he really believed in the advice he’d given her about work. The electrical current between them was inconvenient, to say the least.

Besides, she didn’t seem to have the same problem around him. She hadn’t made one flirtatious comment, and she hadn’t made any reference to their night in the motel together.

Of course, she went and picked that moment to say, “Did you bring the Porsche tonight?”

Her lips were curved in a coy smile, topped with a too-innocent bat of her lashes. His pulse leaped. She wouldn’t have mentioned the Porsche unless she wanted him to think about last Friday. And she wouldn’t want him to think about last Friday unless…

“Unfortunately, no,” he answered smoothly, moving his arm on the bar so that it ever-so-lightly rubbed against hers. Her bicep tensed and released quickly, and he heard a quick, excited inhale of breath.

“I did notice, however, that you appear to be wearing a dress.” Boldly, he let his gaze wander all over her, loving the way she squirmed and squeezed her thighs together.

“It’s not the same one,” she said, and her voice was definitely sultrier.

He moved one hand to her warm knee and stared her in the eyes. “No, I took care of that one but good,” he said, smiling at the memory. He’d torn the cheap dress right in half with a single sharp tug. And then he’d pulled her nipples into his mouth, one after the other.

From her ragged breathing and her heavy-lidded eyes, he knew she was remembering the same moment. “The thing is,” he said, moving his hand higher on her bare leg, “this one looks just as good.”



About Michelle Dayton:

There are only three things Michelle Dayton loves more than sexy and suspenseful novels: her family, the city of Chicago, and Mr. Darcy. Michelle dreams of a year of world travel – as long as the trip would include weeks and weeks of beach time. As a bourbon lover and unabashed wine snob, Michelle thinks heaven is discussing a good book over an adult beverage

Follow Michelle:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | BookBub

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