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    FLIPPED Book Blitz

    Flipped Lisa-Marie Cabrelli Publication date: April 25th 2018 Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance Hazel Black is always in control. That is until a slimy new employee steals her work, gets her fired and ruins her chance at a partnership. Not to worry, her nutty mother, Indigo, comes to the rescue with a nutty plan… move to Italy with her and flip a house she’s just inherited under strange and unexplained circumstances. Hazel knows better than to trust any plans of Indigo’s – but what choice does she have? But Italy has secrets and surprises that rock Hazel’s world. Dean McLean, rich and famous action hero has developed an embarrassing problem; he…

  • Nina Crespo

    Forget You (The Kingman Brothers Book 1)

    Title: Forget You Author: Nina Crespo Series: The Kingman Brothers Page Length: 183 pages Publisher: Pocket Star Publication Date: (April 16, 2018) Genre: Contemporary Romance Sophie Jordan has hot sexy dreams about her boss Nicolas “King” Kingman, but she never thought it would go anywhere. Until one day King at the last minutes asked Sophie to attend the charity gala. Soon Sophie dreams come true but at what cost to their professional relationship. This is a book that I was going to pass up on reading….at the last minute I decided to read…I am glad that I did. Because, Forget You by Nina Crespo, published under the Pocket Star brand,…

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    OUR NEW WORLD Book Tour

    Our New World New World Order Chronicles Book 1 by Desiree King Genre: Urban Fantasy The world has changed and humans are an endangered species. After centuries of war famine and plague, a new society has risen and grown. Magical races, such as fae, vampires, magi, and weres, have joined forces to ensure everyone’s survival by creating the highest order council and the new world laws. Unfortunately, the cost of survival could be the freedom to be with someone you love. Sidney is on the edge of womanhood. Soon she’ll accept her birth right as lady of her people, the magi of San Diego. However, she is torn between her…

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    Visions Through a Glass, Darkly by David I. Aboulafia Genre: Psychological Horror Two days, eighteen hours, fifty-eight minutes… The time of your life on this earth. Richard Goodman is the caretaker of a unique institution that trains disabled youth in the art of watchmaking. But he is no ordinary administrator. He possesses extra sensory powers he does not fully understand and cannot control. But an innocent outing to Coney Island results in him obtaining a more disturbing ability, along with a terrifying prophecy that he will die in less than three days. As the clock of his life counts down, a still greater threat emerges. An uncanny assassin who will…

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