• Shelly Laurenston

    Hot and Badgered (The Honey Badgers Chronicles)

    Title: Hot and Badgered Author: Shelly Laurenston Series: The Honey Badgers Chronicles Page Length: 433 pages Publisher: Kensington Publication Date: March 27, 2018 Genre: Paranormal Romance Hot and Badgered a humorous story that will have you laughing so hard that you have tears streaming down your face. There are only a few spinoff stories that I found that I enjoy immensely, and I am happy to say that Hot and Badgered is one of them. In Shelly Laurenston new Paranormal Romance, Hot and Badgered: Honey Badgers Chronicles we are taken back to those old so funny shifters The Honey Badgers. Though this time we’re introduced to three sister that proves…

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    THE WHITE ROOM Book Blitz

    The White Room C.M. Albert Publication date: April 17th 2018 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance “What we do behind closed doors reveals the naked truth of who we really are.” Welcome to the White Room . . . The rules are simple: No real names. No commitment. Two hours. They’re put into place to protect us—exclusive clients lucky enough to afford the cost of playing. But everyone knows: some rules are made to be broken. When hearts and bodies collide, even the best intentions slip away . . . exposing the true reasons why we seek the room in the first place. Will the White Room set you free? Step inside…

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    Just Things Diary of a Serial Killer Book 1 by Erin Lee Genre: Thriller Sometimes, the cravings just take over. Jimmie Putnam is an ordinary man by any measure. By day, he works as a law clerk. At night, when he can’t fight the cravings, he becomes a collector. He takes great care of his human Things; buying them cherry lipstick and reading to them from his journal. When they’ve been on their best behavior, he even takes them out of his freezers… Sometimes, the need is just too deep. Florel Ross has been mostly invisible since the death of her twin, who died twenty years ago at the hands…

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    The Promotion: A Reverse Harem Novel BOOK BLITZ

    The Promotion: A Reverse Harem Novel Mika Lane Publication date: April 30th 2018 Genres: Adult, Romance You know that saying “I get by with a little help from my friends?” Well, that’s not me. I don’t take help. Not from anyone. At least I didn’t, until I was backed into a corner. With no choice. And when help came my way in the form of several handsome guys, I wasn’t sure if my situation had gone from bad to worse. Or if it was just what I needed—and what I’d actually needed all along. Add to Goodreads / Pre-order — EXCERPT: Two pair of lips met either side of my…

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    ENTICED BY YOU Book Tour

    Enticed By You Miraculous Love Book 1 by Meghana Sarathy Genre: Contemporary Romance 313 pages I’m Sara Waters. I had a perfect life – an almost perfect boyfriend- a career plan laid out. BUT…. One surprising encounter with my BOSS-Nathan Bankers and I see an all new face of his One conversation with Nathan – my heart takes the fall and I come unhinged. I fall for the WRONG guy, letting go of my right boyfriend. I fall for the GUY twenty years elder to me – His age a mere number, his attraction for me, my vice. I fall for the Married man, father of two – Tucking away…

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