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    ♦♦♦Book Tour♦♦♦ Close To You

    Close To You by B.M. Sandy Genre: Contemporary Romance Michele just wants to be set free. Iain just might have the key.   Michele Coffey is on the run. After arriving in Brooklyn four months ago, she perfected the art of looking over her shoulder. Her only goal is to make it through another day without being discovered. When Iain Sheppard unexpectedly walks into her life, Michele’s first instinct is to retreat. Falling in love is not in her plan, and after what she’s been through, she’s not ready to trust anyone yet. Maybe ever. Iain is a rugged, sexy freelancer, born and raised in Brooklyn. After showing up at…

  • Book Tour & Giveaway

    Dracula Hearts ♦♦♦Book Tour♦♦♦

    Hearts of Stone Dracula Hearts Book 1 by AJ Gallant Genre: YA Urban Fantasy A tale of magic, romance and fangs. New York City is under attack. Dracula is suicidal in a world where evil vampires are in the early stages of taking over. The Master has lived too long and can’t find a reason to face another day. Nasty vampires are feeding on vulnerable mortals and causing chaos. Years ago he trained valiant sheriffs and expects them to defend the humans but they are being overrun. Piers Anthony, the author, is now a vampire. He spends his days attempting to get the Master to snap out of it and…

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