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♦♦♦Book Tour & Giveaway♦♦♦ Portraits in Flesh

Portraits in Flesh
by M W Brown
Genre: Supernatural Thriller
Annabelle has discovered she can instantly transport herself to the destination
on her satnav. Although ghost like when she travels, her remarkable
ability takes her from England to France, Croatia and beyond.
As Annabelle explores her potential it puts her life and the lives of
those she loves in danger and leads her into the path of an enigmatic
and intelligent serial killer.
What will he do if he discovers Annabelle’s ability?
Some places were never meant to be visited.
**only .99 cents!**
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M W Brown likes to sneak away and travel to planet Bowie to write
horror, supernatural thrillers and anything dark that pops into the
imagination en route. Ziggy, Aladdin and the Thin White Duke supply
copious amounts of coffee while keeping the mood suitably twisted.
While on planet earth, M W Brown wanders around in the middle of the
UK and, when not working, can be found people watching and searching
for the elusive ‘normal person’ to study and dissect.

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♦♦♦Book Blitz♦♦♦ Bound By Deception



Bound by Deception
Trish McCallan
Publication date: March 2nd 2018
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

He broke her heart. She twisted his mind. But in this game of love, nothing is quite as it seems…

Rebecca’s life is haunted by unexpected tragedies. Her lover left her when she least expected it, and her mother’s suicide took everybody by surprise. But when a recent inheritance reveals a secret, Rebecca discovers her mother’s death was actually a cold-blooded murder…

Dante “Rio” Addario swore off his irresistible ex and her web of lies 12 years ago. But the former Navy SEAL turned police detective can’t ignore Becca’s plea to re-open an old case. As he and his ex team up, they discover missing evidence, tight-lipped detectives, and the conspiracy that tore them apart over a decade ago…

With everything they believed thrown into chaos, Rio and Becca can’t ignore their reawakened desire. But if they don’t solve the case soon, the real killer may just finish the job and their love story…

Bound by Deception is the pulse-pounding third book in the Bound By series of romantic suspense novels. If you like simmering chemistry, chilling mysteries, and second chances, then you’ll love Trish McCallan’s twisty tale.

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Rio pushed back his desk chair, and stretched his tight shoulders and back. Hunched over that desk all day played hell with his muscles. “Who’s on the jacket?”

“Rachel Blaine. You gonna check into it? The daughter is waiting in the lobby.”

Rachel Blaine…Blaine…

Becca’s last name had been Blaine…and her mother had committed suicide… could it be… He did the math. Becca had been living with Adam’s family for four years by that summer twelve years ago, which would put her mother’s death around sixteen years ago.

So yeah, this could be her mother’s case.

“What’s the name of the daughter?” Rio forced a casual tone.

“Rebecca Blaine. From Olympia. She says she found her mother’s diary and from the entries, there’s no way the woman killed herself.”

So, it was Becca. And she was right around the corner and down the hall.

Rio sat perfectly still, his pulse and breathing accelerating as an exotic face with dark, slightly titled eyes took shape in his mind. A flash fire of heat hit his blood, rippling out through his muscles, which infuriated him. Damnit, he was not still hung up on the woman. That entire fuck up had happened twelve years ago. He’d shaken that itch way before he’d left SEAL Team 7, and joined the San Diego Police department.

This jolt to his nervous system was curiosity, that’s all. At one point, back in his twenties, Becca Blaine had been an obsession, a craving that had fucked with his head. It was natural to wonder how the years had treated her.

It was also natural, considering what a little troublemaker she’d been, for suspicion to rise. What was she up to? Knowing Becca, there had to be some deeper manipulation at work.

Author Bio:

Trish McCallan was born in Eugene, Oregon, and grew up in Washington State, where she began crafting stories at an early age. Her first books were illustrated in crayon, bound with red yarn, and sold for a nickel at her lemonade stand. Trish grew up to earn a bachelor’s degree in English literature with a concentration in creative writing from Western Washington University, taking jobs as a bookkeeper and human- resource specialist before finally quitting her day job to write full time.

Forged in Fire, the first book in her Red Hot SEALs series, came about after a marathon reading session, and a bottle of Nyquil that sparked a vivid dream. She lives today in eastern Washington. An avid animal lover, she currently shares her home with four golden retrievers, a black lab mix and two cats.

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Book Tour | Stripped Down: A Naked Memoir

Stripped Down: A Naked Memoir
by Stacey Keith
Genre: Autobiography, Memoir
STRIPPED DOWN: A Naked Memoir is a look back at a surreal world kept carefully
hidden from public view. This chronicle of life in the skin trade
follows the meteoric rise of Stacey Keith, a girl scarcely out of her
teens whose eye-popping assets launch her from wet T-shirt contests
to the catwalks of Houston, strip bar capital of the world.
Almost overnight, she is discovered by a famous porn star, who Svengalis
her onto the pages of Playboy, Penthouse, and dozens of other men’s
magazines. While strutting her stuff onstage and across the country,
Stacey makes the fateful decision to head to Hollywood. She’s got
everything a girl could want: fame, attention, endless piles of
cash…but no idea what awaits her.
With Internet porn overtaking men’s magazines, everyone from her
Mafia-boss road manager to her smarmy talent agent pressures Stacey
to do more than just flash her flesh. Uber-boob filmmaker Russ Meyer
verbally abuses her; rocker Don Henley tries to use her. Yet through
it all, from the warped misogyny of Playboy to the S&M dungeons
of the Pacific Palisades, Stacey’s dark, self-deprecating humor
will leave you laughing, crying and rooting for her at every step of
the way.
**Only .99 cents!**
Stacey Keith is the award-winning author of the Dreams Come True series
(Kensington Books), DREAM ON, SWEET DREAMS and DREAM LOVER, in
addition to A WEDDING ON BLUEBIRD WAY with New York Times Bestseller
authors Janet Dailey, Lori Wilde and the talented Allyson Charles.
Twice a Golden Heart finalist, Stacey has won a Maggie, two Silver Quills, a
Jasmine, a Heart of the Rockies, and over fifteen other first-place
finishes in Romance Writers of America contests.
An avid writer of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and short stories, Stacey
doesn’t own a television, but reads compulsively—and would, in
fact, go stark raving bonkers without books, which are crammed into
all corners of the house. She now lives in Civita Castellana, a
medieval village in Italy that sits atop a cliff, and spends
her days writing in a nearby abandoned 12th century church.
The two things she is most proud of are her ability to cook pasta alla
genovese without burning down the kitchen and swearing volubly
in Italian with all the appropriate hand gestures.
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It Might Be You (The Harrisons)

It Might Be You (The Harrisons) by [Gracen, Jennifer]

Title: It Might Be You
Author: Jennifer Gracen
Series: The Harrisons #5
Page Length: 401 pages
Publisher: Zebra
Publication Date: (February 27, 2018)
Genre: Contemporary Romance


Image result for crying emojiImage result for crying emojiImage result for crying emojiImage result for crying emojiImage result for crying emoji


An interesting and compassionate tale of sacrifice .  

In It Might Be You (The Harrisons #5) written by Jennifer Gracen, published under the Zebra brand. Was one of those books that made me think over my personality. Either I am seriously emotional, or this author just has a way with words.

Nick Martell a worthy man with a cause. When he learns that he is a match for a child who needs a transplant. He didn’t realize that his life would change forever. In just one day, he learns that his life was all a lie and there was only one reason he was a close match to a child that he never met. You see, Nick Martell was none other than a Harrison himself. Shock to say the least of how he felt after finding out this secret. Struggling to come to terms with what he learned, and the knowledge that he learned on the Harrison he still is willing to help the boy that now is family.

It Might Be You, a delightful story with an above average, easy to follow plotline. Well written character and romance that was very suited to the genre of contemporary romance. What I really enjoyed the most was the interaction between Nick and his nephew. Those scenes are the ones that had me reaching for tissues, which I later realized I might need after the first introduction to the character of Myles.

Will I recommend this story: Yes. It Might Be You was well written and most certainly a keeper. And with the mild but settle push, to becoming an Organ Donor. If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would.

Think about becoming an Organ Donor – you may be giving someone the greatest gift they could wish for.


When Officer Nick Martell learns that a sick child needs his help, he flies to the young Harrison boy’s side. But once in the heart of the wealthy Harrison family, Nick faces a shocking truth—he is none other than a Harrison son himself, born of a secret affair. Though the blue-collar bachelor struggles to accept the elite clan as his own, compassion for the vulnerable boy compels him to stay. That, and the deep spark of connection he feels for the child’s beautiful nurse . . .

Amanda Kozlov never felt such a strong and sudden passion for a man before. But falling for Nick is not an option—the life the rugged cop leads is too dangerous, the wounds he carries from his explosive family history too fresh. Yet watching Nick bond with the young boy in her care, experiencing tenderness in his arms, Amanda longs to take a chance on the one man who could save the Harrison heir—the only man with the power to shatter her heart. And as drama swirls around them, only time will tell if they’re brave enough to give their love the future it deserves . . .


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Close to the Edge: An Unbroken Heroes Novel


Title: Close To The Edge
Author: Dawn Ryder
Series: Unbroken Heroes #5
Page Length: 329 pages
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Publication Date: (February 27, 2018)
Genre: Mystery-Suspense




What the heck did I just read?

That is what I was wondering after reading Close To The Edge by Dawn Ryder, published under the St. Martin’s Paperbacks. This title is book #5 in Dawn Ryder’s Unbroken Heroes series. If I knew how to add a facepalm to this review I would. But for now, I save that for later.


I am going to give you a fair warning now. Don’t be confused like I was when I cracked open the book and Chapter One was missing. That is correct, chapter #1 and the introduction of what transpired before you read chapter two was gone. Without reading the first chapter it was like hearing a punchline to a bad joke. Close To The Edge had no character chemistry, meaning little to no romance. I was expecting what I read in the synopsis. Maybe if I read the synopsis twenty million times and wished upon a star, I would have gotten a better book than what I got.

What happened to the storyline. This story was written like it was a screenplay. You know chapter two take five. For instance, where one scene takes place then it was cut to another scene. An entire book made up of cutscenes does not make a book. It went on and on like that. Before you knew it, I was at the end of the book. Or so I thought! until I seen Chapter One on top of what suppose to be the last page of this book. I was so done with this book that I most certainly didn’t care by that point of what transpired to lead up to Jenna Henson being in Dare Servant so-called protective custody and why the elite to of men and women wanted to take down a Mafia Kingpin.

Will I recommend this book? I most certainly will not. Without purchasing this book, I don’t know if the issue with the chapter in the wrong place was ever corrected. I only hope that it was.



They are part of an elite unit. On task. Off grid. These are the men of the Shadow Ops task force. Be seduced and thrilled by Close to the Edge, the next Unbroken Heroes novel by Dawn Ryder.


Jenna Henson always plays it safe. It’s what has gotten her through all these years . So she never expected to end up in arm-to-arm combat with a gorgeous, muscle bound mercenary named Dare…

Agent Dare Servant lives for the thrill of the chase, the adrenaline high. He’s fully committed to his job, fully armed, and full-on dangerous. But when innocent, irresistible Jenna Henson walks in on his latest mission, the need to keep her safe becomes all-consuming.


Jenna’s captured the attention of Dare’s deadliest enemies, and with a target on her back, she needs Dare’s protection. But being Jenna’s bodyguard might be his hardest challenge yet. How can he keep her safe when he longs to take her in his arms and never let her go?