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    Of Bells and Thorns
    The Rose Master Book 2
    by Valentina Cano
    Genre: Fantasy, Magic Realism
    294 pages
    Rosewood Manor has been ashes for weeks.
    Left with no post and no home, Anne Tinning never expected to find herself
    in a luxurious carriage, dressed in the finest of clothes, pretending
    to be the wife of Lord August Grey. The search for Miss Bellingham,
    however, will require them to blend into the very height of London
    society, a class Anne has only ever served, and which August
    despises. But August insists that the ruse is the only way. For
    although they’ve vanquished the wraith that called for August’s
    life, they will never be safe unless they find a way to stop the
    woman he scorned.
    There are traces of Lily Bellingham the length and breadth of London, but
    when Anne and August investigate the gruesome disappearances in a
    factory she has just purchased, they realize that Lily is more
    powerful than either of them. And she has devised a new way to take
    her revenge.
    With another curse placed upon August’s head, Anne must find a way to
    defeat Lily, and this time, she will have no help from the young man
    she has grown to love. This time, the curse is more insidious,
    twisting him into someone unrecognizable.
    This time, August Grey is the one she must fear.
    Lush, lyrical, and layered in horror-filled suspense, Of Bells and Thorns
    evokes the feel of classic Gothic literature, blending the magic of a
    beautiful fairy tale against the rich backdrop of history.
    The Rose Master
    The Rose Master Book 1
    194 pages
    The day Anne Tinning turns seventeen, birds fall from the sky. But that’s
    hardly the most upsetting news. She’s being dismissed from the home
    she’s served at since she was a child, and shipped off to become the
    newly hired parlor maid for a place she’s never heard of. And when
    she sees the run-down, isolated house, she instantly knows why:
    There’s something wrong with Rosewood Manor.
    Staffed with only three other servants, all gripped by icy silence and
    inexplicable bruises, and inhabited by a young master who is as cold
    as the place itself, the house is shrouded in neglect and thick with
    fear. Her questions are met with hushed whispers, and she soon finds
    herself alone in the empty halls, left to tidy and clean rooms no one
    As the feeling of being watched grows, she begins to realize there is
    something else in the house with them–some creature that stalks the
    frozen halls and claws at her door. A creature that seems intent on
    harming her.
    When a fire leaves Anne trapped in the manor with its Master, she finally
    demands to know why. But as she forces the truth about what haunts
    the grounds from Lord Grey, she learns secrets she isn’t prepared
    for. The creature is very real, and she’s the only one who can help
    him stop it.
    Now, Anne must either risk her life for the young man she’s grown to
    admire, or abandon her post while she still can.
    Valentina Cano is a student of classical singing who spends whatever free time
    she has either reading or writing. She also watches over a veritable
    army of pets, including her five, very spoiled, snakes. Her works
    have appeared in numerous publications and her poetry has been
    nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Web. She lives in
    Miami, Florida.
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    Book Blitz: Poisonous Dream (The Starlight Gods Series Book 5)


    Poisonous Dream
    Yumoyori Wilson
    (Starlight Gods #5)
    Publication date: February 9th 2018
    Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

    Don’t you sometimes wish that everything was just a dream?

    My name is Daniel Moore, future heir of Realm Ten, ArchAilennia.

    I’ve never felt regret like this before, such turmoil clinging to my very soul. I had vowed once long ago to never endure such pain and torment. Yet, such a vow has already been broken and this time, it’s to someone far more dear.

    My princess is everything to me. She’s my light when the shadows attempt to cloud my way, my beacon of hope when doubt aims to cripple me, and now she’s my greatest sorrow because I can’t face her. To look into those hollow, turquoise eyes and realize I’m the cause of such agony breaks my heart.

    Could she forgive me for my error of judgment? Would she even glance my way for the pain I’ve made her endure? Only time will tell.

    ~In Stars We Trust~

    Recommended for 18+ audience, containing mature sexual content, violence and strong language. TRIGGER WARNING- Anyone who experiences triggers due to self-harm, please do NOT read this book. You have been warned.

    NOTE: POISONOUS DREAM is written in CANADIAN ENGLISH – meaning both American and British English is used.




    “I’m aware. I’ll do any favor you need me to.”

    “Does that include you marrying the woman you’re supposed to be engaged to?”

    I frowned, my hands clenching to fists in an attempt to hold down my anger. I didn’t want to wake Ryder up and let anyone else know I was having this conversation.

    “If it means the Princess will be able to walk again…I’ll do it,” I whispered. My heart was already hammering against my chest, trying to keep my left foot from tapping the floor in a rage.

    “Even though it will shatter your heart? Even though you wouldn’t be able to get out of it, no matter how much you later begged?” she questioned, dropping the pen and rising to her feet before making her way over to me.

    I stilled, trying to keep my breathing calm.


    She sat on the armrest, looking down at me before she tilted my head upward with her hand that was now under my chin.

    Her glowing eyes met mine, making a hint of fear flutter through me as I saw her seriousness.

    “Even if it broke Makoto’s heart? What if your one sacrifice to make her happy backfired? You wouldn’t regret this?” Her voice was low, like an enemy ready to torture its victim.

    I tried to open my mouth to agree, my lip trembling as I tried to muster the words. I needed to do this for the Princess. If it’s for her, I’d give my life and soul for her to be happy and smile again

    Author Bio:

    Yumoyori Wilson is from Toronto, Ontario. She loves to sleep and write her days away. She works at night as a registered nurse. She has a little addiction to bubble tea and coffee but loves to workout. She has big plans for the writing world and can’t wait to share them with everyone.

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    Cover Reveal: Tokyo Heat (Nights Series Book 3)


    Tokyo Heat
    A.M. Salinger
    (Night Series, #3)
    Publication date: March 13th 2018
    Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance

    I want him. I love him. But I don’t know if he feels the same way about me — Gabe

    I cherish him. I need him. But I don’t think I have any love left to give him — Cam

    A year has passed since Cam Sorvino challenged Gabe Anderson to grant him one night of torrid sex. Now living together and settled in a scorching hot relationship, Cam is happy with things as they are. Until the day Gabe says the three little words Cam is most afraid to hear.

    Having overcome the terrible scars of his own past, Gabe knows Cam still has his own demons to fight. But when Gabe inadvertently confesses his love, he can only watch helplessly as Cam distances himself from their relationship.

    Will Cam’s fear of having his heart ripped apart drive away the only man he’s ever truly cared for? Or will Gabe finally convince Cam to dare embrace a future with him?

    Find out if Gabe and Cam find their happy ever after in this third novella in the hot, contemporary romance series Nights by A.M. Salinger. Note from the author: although each book in Nights can be read as a standalone, you will enjoy this series better if you read the books in order!

    This is a novella length MM Romance with a HEA.

    addtogoodreads-script_26_origpre-order-on-amazonFind out more at:


    Sneak a peek at Tokyo Heat with this special Advance Preview!

    Author Bio:

    Ava Marie Salinger is the pen name of an Amazon bestselling thriller author who has always wanted to write scorching hot contemporary and erotic romance. In 2017, she finally decided to venture to the steamy side. NIGHTS is the first of several sizzling series featuring sweet, sexy men and women with dark pasts and a whole lot of love to give to the ones brave enough to fight for their hearts. When she’s not dreaming up hotties to write about, you’ll find Ava creating kickass music playlists to write to, spying on the wildlife in her garden, drooling over gadgets, and eating Chinese.

    Want to be the first to know about Ava’s new releases and get access to exclusive content, sneak previews, sales, and giveaways ? Then sign up to her Reader Group here: https://www.amsalinger.com/subscribe/

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    Book Tour: At Water’s Edge

    At Water’s Edge
    The Water Rushes Book 1
    by S. McPherson
    Genre: YA Fantasy
    393 pages

    Magic. Romance. Portals. And war.

    Perfect for fans of The Mortal Instruments, Red Queen and Twilight.

    What if there was another you, living in another world?

    Seventeen year old, Dezaray Storm is blamed for the death of her parents,
    hated by her brother and secluded from her friends, but that doesn’t stop
    her from believing in magic.
    Visions of the future, mysterious cloaked figures and a handsome stranger
    with the ability to teleport, lead to Dezaray tumbling through a
    portal and into another world where she is mistaken for its most
    powerful sorceress and saviour.
    But in a twisted turn of events, the true sorceress ends up lost in our
    world, wandering the streets of England with a broken device and the
    whisper of forgotten magic to guide her. The realm of Coldivor is on
    the brink of war, its enemies grow restless and its shadows have
    eyes. Only the true sorceress can help tip the scales in their favour
    and the two girls must trade back before their 18th birthday when the
    war that could shatter both realities, will rage.
    For a tale of misguided and powerful heroines, finding yourself in the
    midst of chaos and discovering secrets laid to rest, read AT WATER’S
    EDGE, a young adult epic fantasy that readers are comparing to
    Cassandra Clare, Sarah J Maas and Victoria Aveyard.
    **Only .99 cents!**
    USA Today Bestselling Author & a citizen of the world; S. McPherson
    was born in England, moved to Saudi Arabia when she was five then on
    to Dubai at the age of seven. S. McPherson briefly lived in Scotland,
    she is originally from Jamaica and her mind is often far, far away in
    lands people have never heard of.
    S. McPherson has always loved writing in all its forms and at the tender
    age of eight, she dreamt of being a member of the next big pop group
    where she could sing and write songs all day. When that inexplicably
    fell through (how could she not be the next Beyonce??), she moved on
    to poems, scripts and eventually novels.


    Having met many different people – imaginary and real – along her travels,
    S. McPherson has a vast array of characters buzzing in her head
    bursting to be let loose on a page or two of fantasy.
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    Book Blitz & Giveaway|Baby on the Bad Boy’s Doorstep


    Baby on the Bad Boy’s Doorstep
    Victoria James
    Published by: Entangled Bliss
    Publication date: February 12th 2018
    Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance


    Connor O’Leary knows nothing about babies, families, or good women, yet he’s up to his ears in all three. Coming to Shadow Creek, Montana was meant to be a new start for this former oil rigger, but he had no idea that fresh beginning would include a baby on his doorstep and a hot nanny he can’t stop thinking about. Diapers, feedings, and late nights soothing his little bundle of surprise were definitely not on his itinerary.

    The last thing Haley Thomson expected to see is the reclusive Connor with a baby in his arms. Before she knows it, she’s volunteered as nanny—temporarily. Helping out with baby Rosie is a dream come true and fills a space in her heart she believed will never be filled. But falling for Rosie’s hot and sexy bachelor daddy is not on her to-do list…but boy would she ever like it to be…



    She stopped crying and opened her eyes, and he swore to God in that moment, when her large blue eyes latched onto his, when he felt a jolt of recognition run through his body, that this was his kid.

    Except she was scarier than him, especially as her mouth opened wider and she let out a roar that would scare the crap out of a bear. What the hell was he going to do? Jack. Jack knew about babies—he had two.

    He grabbed his phone and called his friend. “Yeah?”

    “I have a situation,” he managed to choke out.

    “Take a cab.”

    “No, you idiot, I’m not wasted, I’m at home. You need to get over here. Now.”

    He heard grumbling, muttering, and then finally, “Be there in ten.”

    “Wait. Bring baby things.”


    “Baby things. Like, whatever a baby would need to, you know…live.”

    “Oh man, this is starting to sound really bad.”

    He hung up the phone and looked down at the baby. His daughter. Or Tess Junior, as the name on the birth certificate stated. He was going to have to change that when he applied for paternity. If he applied. If she was his.

    Author Bio:

    Victoria James is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance.

    Victoria always knew she wanted to be a writer and in grade five, she penned her first story, bound it (with staples and a cardboard cover) and did all the illustrations herself. Luckily, this book will never see the light of day again.

    In high school she fell in love with historical romance and then contemporary romance. After graduating University with an English Literature degree, Victoria pursued a degree in Interior Design and then opened her own business. After her first child, Victoria knew it was time to fulfill her dream of writing romantic fiction.

    Victoria is a hopeless romantic who is living her dream, penning happily-ever-after’s for her characters in between managing kids and the family business. Writing on a laptop in the middle of the country in a rambling old Victorian house would be ideal, but she’s quite content living in suburbia with her husband, their two young children, and very bad cat.

    Sign up for Victoria’s Newsletter to stay up to date on upcoming releases and exclusive giveaways, follow her blog for daily antics and insight into her daily life, and get to know her on twitter and Facebook. She loves hearing from readers! www.victoriajames.ca

    Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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    Cover Reveal: The Renovation: A Reverse Harem Novel


    The Renovation: A Reverse Harem Novel
    Mika Lane
    Publication date: March 11th 2018
    Genres: Adult, Romance

    I don’t believe in fairy tales and I don’t waste time wishing for one. I learned long ago that luck smiles on the—well, lucky—and that the rest of us can just go to hell. So when my boyfriend ran off and left me with a bunch of debt, I knew better than to wish for a miracle. But then one came my way, in the form of four—count ’em four—hot, sexy men. But as luck would have it—or wouldn’t have it, in my case—I couldn’t have a single one of them.


    Author Bio:

    Writing has been a passion of Mika’s since a young age (her first book was “The Day I Ate the Milkyway”), but erotic romance is now what gives purpose to her days and nights. She lives in magical Northern California with her own handsome alpha dude, sometimes known as Mr. Mika Lane, and an evil cat named Bill. A devotee of the intelligent and beautiful, and lover of shiny things, she’s a yogi, hiker, traveler, thinker, observer, and book worm. She has been known to drink cheap champagne and has way too many shoes.

    A National Reader’s Choice Awards finalist, Mika always deliver a hot, sexy romp, often with imperfect characters, and a promised happily ever after (or at least happy for now).

    She LOVES to hear from readers, and can be found at www.mikalane.com, and facebook.com/mikalaneauthor, when she’s not dreaming up naughty tales to share.

    Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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