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    Book Tour | Lightbringers: The Age of Myths and Legends

    Lightbringers: The Age of Myths and Legends by David Price Genre: Fantasy What if all the gods of the earth once existed? Long ago a superior race once came to earth and became humanity’s gods. The story is set on a post cataclysmic earth. Technology has vanished and been replaced by magick. Myths and monsters once again roam the land. Blending H. P. Lovecraft’s mythos, with the numerous mythologies of the earth created a rich mythic landscape. Two groups of gods once descended on the earth, Lovecraft’s horrific alien, inhuman beings and the superior, god-like race, known as the Watchers, (the Elder Gods described by August Derleth). Lightbringers is a…

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    Book Blitz: Bad Wolf by Jo Raven

    Bad Wolf Jo Raven Publication date: February 8th 2018 Genres: Adult, Romance This is no fairytale… Once I fell in love with a gorgeous boy next door. Years later, he’s back—a total hunk, hot as hell, and bad. So bad. Rude. Cocky. Hard. And I’m dying for a taste. Jarett was our neighbors’ adopted son. Handsome, strong, quiet, he was my protector, and my friend. Now he’s back, and he’s still gorgeous. Tall, dark and sexy. All man. But he’s a bad guy, moving with a dangerous crowd. So why do I keep winding up in his arms? On his lap. In his bed. I know better than this—I’m better…

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    Book Tour: The Arban and the Saman

    The Arban and the Saman by Laurel A. Rockefeller Genre: Mystical Historical Romance What would you risk for love? It is the year 1211 CE. Five years after being declared “khan,” Chinggis Khan and his invading hordes are sweeping across the north China plain, right into the nűzhen heartland. Their objective: conquest of the mighty Jin Empire. Among those sent into Liaoning is a low-ranking officer (an arban) named Mongke Nichan, a spiritual man on a personal quest to find his soulmate and fulfill a prophesy long lingering in his heart. But finding his twin flame and convincing her are two completely different matters in this wartime romance that takes…


    Cover Reveal: Somebody to Love

    Somebody to Love Aurelia Fray Publication date: March 30th 2018 Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance Henry was only tasked with fixing the leaky office pipes. So, when a crazy woman barges in and confesses all her secrets like a challenge, he’s faced with two choices: Tell her he’s not the man she’s looking for, or roll with it. Rachel knows there’s something amiss about her new shrink—he’s far too handsome for starters—but she’s desperate to straighten her life out. With only three weeks to find a date to her best friend’s wedding, she’s willing to try anything. Even rely on a complete stranger to help her find love. An unlikely pair,…

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