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    Book Tour | Lightbringers: The Age of Myths and Legends

    The Age of Myths and Legends
    by David Price
    Genre: Fantasy
    What if all the gods of the earth once existed? Long ago a superior race
    once came to earth and became humanity’s gods. The story is set on
    a post cataclysmic earth. Technology has vanished and been replaced
    by magick. Myths and monsters once again roam the land.
    Blending H. P. Lovecraft’s mythos, with the numerous mythologies of the
    earth created a rich mythic landscape. Two groups of gods once
    descended on the earth, Lovecraft’s horrific alien, inhuman beings
    and the superior, god-like race, known as the Watchers, (the Elder
    Gods described by August Derleth).
    Lightbringers is a Grimdark Fantasy set on a dying earth, twenty thousand years
    from now. The stars are right and the Great Old One asleep at the bottom
    of the world finally stirs in his terrible slumber. One reluctant
    hero, a half-breed child of the Elder gods, and his companions set
    out on a globe-spanning quest, populated by creatures of myth and
    beings of legend, to save the Earth from the evil that threatens to
    destroy it.
    “David Price’s LIGHTBRINGERS is exactly what I look for in a fantasy novel.
    Fast paced, exhilarating and far removed from the cookie cutter
    fiction you run across all too often. Do yourself a favor and read
    this one!” — James A Moore, author of the SEVEN FORGES and
    TIDES OF WAR series of novels.
    “With evocative language, powerful metaphor, and careful attention to
    detail, Price brings us a world we can immerse ourselves in and not
    want to leave.” — Irene Radford, author of The Dragon Nimbus
    Novels, Merlin’s Descendants Series, and The Stargods Trilogy
    David Price’s LIGHTBRINGERS mingles a broad spread of myth and genre
    tropes into a fascinating tale. Adding touches of history, locales
    and dark lore, Price weaves a fine tale that will grip even a casual
    reader. LIGHTBRINGERS splits the darkness of a lurid world.
    Fascinating, funny and paced to please, LIGHTBRINGERS shines.” —
    Steven L. Shrewsbury, Author of PHILISTINE, OVERKILL, WITHIN and
    co-author of KING OF THE BASTARDS (with Brian Keene) and BAD MAGICK
    (with Nate Southard)
    Find out more at: buyaddtogoodreads-script_26_orig
    David Price grew up watching Creature Feature and reading comic books. He
    has been a fan of horror, fantasy, and science fiction his whole
    life. In college, his freshman composition teacher suggested that he
    major in English and focus on his writing. After working for more
    than twenty-five years as a contractor, David has decided use his
    imagination and follow his dreams. He is an active member of the New
    England Horror Writers.
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    Book Blitz: Bad Wolf by Jo Raven


    Bad Wolf
    Jo Raven
    Publication date: February 8th 2018
    Genres: Adult, Romance

    This is no fairytale…

    Once I fell in love with a gorgeous boy next door.

    Years later, he’s back—a total hunk, hot as hell, and bad. So bad.

    Rude. Cocky. Hard.

    And I’m dying for a taste.

    Jarett was our neighbors’ adopted son.

    Handsome, strong, quiet, he was my protector, and my friend.

    Now he’s back, and he’s still gorgeous.

    Tall, dark and sexy. All man.

    But he’s a bad guy, moving with a dangerous crowd.

    So why do I keep winding up in his arms?

    On his lap. In his bed.

    I know better than this—I’m better than this. I should stop.

    Only my heart tells me there’s good inside Jarett.

    That I could save him.

    Then again, what happens to gullible girls who climb into bed with the big bad wolf?


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    Gigi is standing at the open door, the loud rock music spilling out into the alley. She looks left, then right, as if searching for someone. No great leap of the imagination required to know she’s looking for her friend.

    And she sees me. Her gaze stops on me.

    She steps all the way out and lets the door close behind her. “Rett?”

    Fuck. This is fucking bad. I suck on my cigarette and wait. Maybe she’ll take the hint and go away.

    But Gigi never cared what I said or did, back then. She stuck by my side through my silences and snarky comments.

    Obviously she hasn’t changed.

    She heads straight to me, plants herself in front of me and shakes back her white-blond hair. “Rett. What now, you’ll pretend you can’t see me?”

    Damn, how could I ever pretend that? She’s wearing a low-cut red sweater over a tiny skirt and those damn knee-length socks that drive me crazy. Girl likes wearing red. And damn if I can tear my eyes away from her cleavage.

    I’m so fucking hard I’m about to bust a nut.

    “What do you want?” I mutter, flicking ash from my cigarette, a thoughtless gesture, when it becomes clear she isn’t budging.

    “Did you see Sydney out here? I’ve lost her again.”

    She smells of something sweet, like toffee. My mouth waters. My dick throbs. She smells like home, and like pleasure, and like danger all at once.

    “Go away, Gigi,” I whisper. “Go back inside. That’s where your friend is.”

    “So you saw her.”

    Throwing my cigarette away, I take a step toward her. “Go now.” She’s wearing down all of my self-control. I have to send her back inside, send her away from me. Having her around is risky on a thousand different levels.

    She takes a step back. “Not unless you tell me what you saw. Did she buy drugs? Tell me, Jarett.”

    “And what will you do if I tell you?” I back her into the club’s fire escape ladder. “What the fuck can you do about it?”

    “Not me. She won’t listen to me, or talk to me about this. But you could help me.”

    I blink, not sure I heard her well. I’m looking down into her pretty eyes, at her full, red mouth, and shake my head. “What did you say?”

    “For old times’ sake, Rett… I need your help.”


    Author Bio:

    Hi! My name is Jo, and I torture pretty boys for a living… 🙂

    I am a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, best known for my series Inked Brotherhood and Damage Control. I write edgy New Adult romance with sexy bad boys and strong-willed heroines.

    Be the first to get your hands on my new releases & offers, giveaways, previews, and more, by signing up here http://bit.ly/1CTNTHM

    Meet me online – on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/AuthorJoRaven), chat with me on Twitter (@AuthorJoRaven) and join my readers group for sneak previews of my covers and stories (http://on.fb.me/1K2LvzO).

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    Book Tour: The Arban and the Saman

    The Arban and the Saman
    by Laurel A. Rockefeller
    Genre: Mystical Historical Romance
    What would you risk for love?
    It is the year 1211 CE. Five years after being declared “khan,”
    Chinggis Khan and his invading hordes are sweeping across the north
    China plain, right into the nűzhen heartland. Their objective:
    conquest of the mighty Jin Empire.
    Among those sent into Liaoning is a low-ranking officer (an arban) named
    Mongke Nichan, a spiritual man on a personal quest to find his
    soulmate and fulfill a prophesy long lingering in his heart.
    But finding his twin flame and convincing her are two completely
    different matters in this wartime romance that takes you into the
    very heart of Asian mysticism and deep into the ranks of the powerful
    Mongol Horde.
    **only .99 cents on Amazon!!**
    Born, raised, and educated in Lincoln, Nebraska USA Laurel A. Rockefeller
    is author of over twenty books published and self-published since
    August, 2012 and in languages ranging from Welsh to Spanish to
    Chinese and everything in between. A dedicated scholar and
    biographical historian, Ms. Rockefeller is passionate about education
    and improving history literacy worldwide.
    With her lyrical writing style, Laurel’s books are as beautiful
    to read as they are informative.
    In her spare time, Laurel enjoys spending time with her cockatiels,
    attending living history activities, travelling to historic places in
    both the United States and United Kingdom, and watching classic
    motion pictures and classic television series.
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    Cover Reveal: Somebody to Love


    Somebody to Love
    Aurelia Fray
    Publication date: March 30th 2018
    Genres: Adult, Comedy, Romance

    Henry was only tasked with fixing the leaky office pipes. So, when a crazy woman barges in and confesses all her secrets like a challenge, he’s faced with two choices: Tell her he’s not the man she’s looking for, or roll with it.

    Rachel knows there’s something amiss about her new shrink—he’s far too handsome for starters—but she’s desperate to straighten her life out. With only three weeks to find a date to her best friend’s wedding, she’s willing to try anything. Even rely on a complete stranger to help her find love.

    An unlikely pair, an impossible mission, and a hilarious hunt for somebody to love.

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    Author Bio:

    Aurelia Fray is the naughty Hyde side of a rather ordinary woman. Whenever her mistress lets her out to play, there are sure to be tales worth telling. She lives and works in London, England, enjoys all things artistic and spends most of her time buried in books or paint.

    With a degree in English literature and a love of all things wordy it is no real surprise she adores penning salacious stories. She has won various short story and poetry competitions and suspects that her foray into erotic literature will be a titillating adventure for author and readers alike.

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