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    Book Tour: Geeks & Things

    Pains and Penalties A Geeks and Things Cozy Mysteries Novella #1 by Sarah Biglow Genre: Cozy Mystery A new amateur sleuth is on the case in the first book of this Cozy Mystery novella series. When Kalina Greystone returns home to the small town of Ellesworth, MA in the wake of her father’s passing to take over the family’s comic book shop, she never expects to reconnect with her old flame, Detective Christian Harper. But when elderly Mrs. Davies winds up murdered at the annual Solstice Fair, Kalina can’t help but get swept up in his investigation and solving the case. While Detective Harper runs his investigation, she cozies up…


    Cover Reveal: My Lover, My Murderer

    My Lover, My Murderer Loretta Lost Publication date: February 10th 2018 Genres: Adult, Romance Vivianna It was Valentine’s Day when I found out I was pregnant. When I came home to share the good news, I also found out what my fiancé really did for a living. In the worst possible way. And then he asked me to help him clean the bloodstains out of the carpet. I refused. He said it was fine. He would just have it replaced with hardwood floors. But I really liked that carpet. Like our relationship, the carpet was ruined forever. I knew I had a terrible choice to make. I knew I had…


    Cover Reveal: The Cinderella Reversal

    The Cinderella Reversal Anna Banks Published by: Entangled Bliss Publication date: May 22nd 2018 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance Annabella Mason of the St Louis Masons just got engaged to the perfect guy—the perfect guy to keep her father’s business going, that is. Running away until she can convince herself to marry Mr. Uptight, she ends up at a dive bar in Nowhere, New Mexico, chatting up a handsome stranger and calling for shots of tequila. But then she wakes up with more than a hangover and something strangely like a wedding ring on her finger. Ian Jackson has no interest in playing the marriage game again. After his first wife…

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