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    Book Tour: Under His Skin

    by S.I. Hayes and J. Haney
    Genre: Contemporary Romance with a twist of Suspense
    At twenty-six Dorian Gallagher has it all. Money, power, he’s used to
    fast cars and faster women. He gets what he wants when he wants it.
    Being put in charge of the build for the Gallagher family’s newest
    theme park has dropped him in Tennessee. Bored out of his mind he
    decides to go get some new ink and finds himself face to face with a
    beautiful woman who doesn’t know his famous last name. Can he charm
    this dark beauty, or will she just stick him and run?


    Charlotte (Charlie) Herrick is a free spirit. She drives a big truck, rides a
    motorcycle and carries a gun. All while dancing around in the layers
    of tulle that make up her usual cheek baring tutus. Her life was
    hers. Until she meets Dorian Gallagher, now she doesn’t know which
    way is up and life has become something more than just the shop,
    fishin’ and moonshine. He says he’s just here for the year, so
    she convinces herself it’s just a fling. Can she stay true to her
    convictions or will this Amusement Park Prince finally get his
    *Trigger Warning- Violence
    **Erotic Elements
    J. Haney was born and raised in Kentucky, currently residing in Greenup
    County, Kentucky with her family, where she is the proud mamma to
    Jessalyn Kristine and co-owner to Proud Momma Designs, which she runs
    with her amazing Momma. J. Haney’s work tends to lean toward sweet
    and sexy, with suspenseful undertones giving her readers something to
    hold onto. It’s what she calls Real Life Romance.
    S.I. Hayes was born and bred in New England, currently living in Ohio.
    Running around Connecticut, she used all of her family and friends as
    inspiration for her many novels. When not writing Paranormal Drama or
    Erotic Romance she can be found drawing one of many fabulous book
    covers or teasers, to see them check out her web site.
    The pair met while working for a previous publisher and became fast
    friends, their split dynamics and views on life, family and love in
    general led to the idea of A County Fair Romance and A Sex,
    Drugs and Rock Romance
    adding to it Working Class Beauties
    and soon Kincaid Falls. Along with various Standalone novels.
    So, keep your eyes open and a fresh pair of panties close by, you
    know just in case.

    Where to find J. Haney

    Where o find S.I. Hayes

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    Book Tour: The Black Parade

    The Black Parade
    The Black Parade Book 1
    by Kyoko M
    Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
    347 pages
    Jordan Amador. 21. New Yorker. Waitress. Mild alcoholic. Murderer.
    Two years ago, Jordan accidentally shot and killed a Seer: a person who
    can see, hear, and talk to ghosts with unfinished business. Her crime
    came with a hefty price, too. She has two years to help a hundred
    souls cross over to the afterlife or her soul is bound for hell.
    Tough break.
    As if that weren’t bad enough, two days before her deadline a handsome
    pain-in-the-ass poltergeist named Michael strolls into her life. His
    soul is the key to her salvation, but the cost just might be more
    than she can handle. Solving his death puts her right in the
    crosshairs of Belial: a vain, bloodthirsty archdemon who won’t rest
    until she’s his slave. Can she rescue Michael and save her own
    soul, or will they both be dragged down into the clutches of the
    eternal black parade?
    #5 in Amazon’s Top 100 Bestselling Novels in the Occult Horror
    category and #9 in the Paranormal Demons and Devils category on June
    19, 2014.

    **FREE at all retailers!**

    The Deadly Seven
    Stories From the Black Parade Series
    227 pages
    Michael O’Brien. 24. New Yorker. Musician. Archangel in charge of Heaven’s army.
    It’s been centuries since Michael stayed on Earth for an extended amount
    of time. Now he’s here because of Jordan Amador–a Seer who helped
    him restore his life and memories and thwart the archdemon Belial
    from taking over the city. With Jordan on Belial’s hit list, Michael
    decides to stick around and live out life alongside her as her friend
    and temporary bodyguard. But as the days pass, he finds it harder to
    resist the seven deadly sins that tempt all men. Especially as he and
    Jordan grow closer fighting the demons that want her almost as much
    as he does…
    This collection takes place in the two month period in The Black Parade
    between Chapters 15 and 16. She Who Fights Monsters is the second
    novel in the series sequence.
    Ranked at #3 in Amazon’s Top 100 Bestselling Free Books in the Paranormal
    Romance Angels category and #9 in the Top 100 Free Books in the
    Multicultural & Interracial on June 21, 2014.
    1454549184-1454549184_goodreads_misc     kindle_button-300x52
    She Who Fights Monsters
    The Black Parade Book 2
    386 pages
    The dynamic supernatural duo of Seer Jordan Amador and her husband the
    archangel Michael is back in the sequel to the bestselling urban
    fantasy novel, The Black Parade, trying to solve a deadly case.
    Someone is methodically hunting down and murdering Seers one by one.
    After six months with no leads on the killer, Jordan and Michael are
    forced to work with their worst enemy—the archdemon Belial: a
    self-professed Prince of Hell who is dead set on stealing Jordan for
    himself. However, with the archdemon’s help, they pick up on the
    trail of the serial killer and plan to stop him no matter what the
    When the shocking truth behind the murderer’s identity is revealed,
    Jordan begins asking herself if she is still fighting for the good
    guys or has she become one of the monsters she is desperately trying
    to stop?
    She Who Fights Monsters is the second novel and third book in the Black
    Parade series. It follows The Black Parade and The Deadly Seven:
    Stories from The Black Parade.
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    Back To Black
    The Black Parade Book 3
    153 pages
    Seer and demon slayer Jordan Amador has had it rough lately: separated
    from her husband the archangel Michael, hated by the angels who think
    she betrayed them, hunted by demons who want her dead or enslaved,
    and rejected by her friends and family for lying to them. Disgraced
    and miserable, she’s all but ready to lay down and die until
    another Seer named Myra Bennett saves her life. Myra gives Jordan a
    new mission: to wipe out a nest of demons that are terrorizing her
    family as well as the innocent people of Houston, Texas. Jordan goes
    undercover to infiltrate the demons’ nest and figure out how to
    eliminate them. Meanwhile, she’s locked in a deadly game with the
    archdemon Belial, who constantly visits her night after night in her
    dreams to convince her to give him her soul. Between the insanely
    gorgeous, but dangerous archdemon poking around in her head and the
    vicious creatures surrounding her, she’s not sure how much longer
    she can survive.
    Back to Black takes place between She Who Fights Monsters and
    The Holy Dark in the Black Parade series.
    1454549184-1454549184_goodreads_misc     kindle_button-300x52
    The Holy Dark
    The Black Parade Book 4
    463 pages
    Sarcastic demon-slayer extraordinaire Jordan Amador has been locked in a
    year-long struggle to hunt down the thirty silver coins paid to Judas
    Iscariot. The mere touch of these coins is enough to kill any angel.
    Jordan’s demonic opposition grows more desperate with each coin found, so they
    call on the ultimate reinforcement: Moloch, the Archdemon of War.
    Moloch puts out a contract on Jordan as well as her estranged
    husband, the Archangel Michael. Now Jordan and Michael will have to
    find a way to work together to survive against impossible odds and
    stop Moloch’s plan, or else he’ll wage a war that will wipe out the
    human race.
    The Holy Dark is the third novel and fourth book in the Black Parade
    series, following The Black Parade, The Deadly Seven: Stories from
    The Black Parade series, and She Who Fights Monsters.
    1454549184-1454549184_goodreads_misc     kindle_button-300x52
    Kyoko M is a USA Today bestselling author, a fangirl, and an avid book
    reader. She has a Bachelor of Arts in English Lit degree from the
    University of Georgia, which gave her every valid excuse to devour
    book after book with a concentration in Greek mythology and Christian
    mythology. When not working feverishly on a manuscript (or two), she
    can be found buried under her Dashboard on Tumblr, or chatting with
    fellow nerds on Twitter, or curled up with a good Harry Dresden novel
    on a warm Georgia night. Like any author, she wants nothing more than
    to contribute something great to the best profession in the world, no
    matter how small.
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    Review: Run To Me (Lazarus Rising Book 4)

     Run To Me (Lazarus Rising Book 4) by [Eden, Cynthia]

    Title: Run To Me
    Author: Cynthia Eden
    Series: A Lazarus Rising #4
    Pub Date: January 23, 2018
    Genre: Romantic Suspense
    Page Lenth: 223 pages



    RUN TO ME has everything a reader comes to expect in a romantic suspense

    If you’re looking for strong characters and beyond amazing storytelling than Run To Me, would be that story. Run To Me, book #4 in the Lazarus Risings series, written by Cynthia Eden and published under the Hocus Pocus Publishing. Was one dynamic story about atonement and worth.

    Jennings “Jay” Maverick has a lot to atone for. His backing of a project called the Lazarus project has come back to haunt him in spades. When the subjects of the Lazarus project escaped and some of them found their way onto his doorstep. Jay finally realized that it’s not truly safe to try to play GOD. Especially when he finds himself falling for one of those subjects.

    Willow is a mystery even to those who are just like her. She has all the same strength, but she was more formidable than all the others. With her strange ability to make the people she touches, see their own fears, she is one woman that you wouldn’t want to stalk you in a dark alley.

    With no memories of who she is and why someone would use her as a test subject. With the assistance of Jay Maverick, those secrets are finally discovered.  But they soon learn that not staying in the shadows has done more harm than good.

    I really came to love Jay and Willow ever since they were introduced as secondary characters. And with this story, I came to love them even more. Especially, Jay. We finally learn the real reason why he funded the Lazarus project and that it wasn’t nefarious at all. Secrets were exposed, about a character that even I didn’t see coming, but the discover fit the narrative of what was being told and it wasn’t just added to push the story along.  Run To Me didn’t have flaws that I could pick up. The story had a quick pace. The sparks between Jay and Willow was felt right from the beginning. I thought that Willow character complemented Jay’s characters beautifully.

    Will I recommend this title: Most definitely! Run To Me will have you on the edge of your seat. I know it did me. I can’t wait to read LIE CLOSE TO ME book #5.


    He’s used to getting what he wants…

    Jennings “Jay” Maverick is a tech billionaire. He has the world at his feet, and he thinks he can buy anything…but he can’t buy her. One look at the mysterious Willow, and Jay knows that he is a goner. He wants to give her anything and everything she desires, but he’s the man responsible for the pain in Willow’s life, and getting close to her—well, that’s not going to be easy.

    Her life is a nightmare that she can’t escape.

    Willow woke up in one of the “Lazarus” research facilities. She now has increased strength, incredible speed, and some scary psychic bonuses. Because of the danger associated with her new gifts, she’s afraid to touch anyone. One touch from her, and a man’s darkest fears will seemingly turn into reality. But Jay isn’t afraid of her touch. Instead, he seems to…crave it. To crave her.

    She can’t trust him, and he won’t let her go.

    Willow knows that Jay has been involved with Lazarus in the past, but he swears he only wants to help her. She never expects the white-hot desire that burns between them, a desire that grows more with every moment that passes. Thrust together as allies, Willow finds herself wanting to put her faith in Jay, wanting to find someone she can rely on, but Jay may still be keeping secrets from her. Secrets that could get them both killed.

    When darkness and danger close in…RUN TO ME.


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