Dark Before the Rising Sun (Dominick Trilogy Book #3)

Now you can see how easily an ill-spoken word can cast doubt on or even destroy the feelings we thought inviolate,” Dante warned her. “Never let anyone turn you against me, Rhea. Promise me that.”

Newly-wed, Lady Rhea Claire and Dante Leighton must return to England, where their reception is anything but warm.

Now armed with wealth and power, Dante is a target for the murderous smugglers who despoiled his family home, while Rhea’s father, the powerful Duke of Camareigh, vehemently rejects their marriage.

The two lovers thought themselves invincible together. But in the riveting conclusion of McBain’s epic trilogy, Dante’s determination to reclaim his family seat and Rhea’s desperation to win over her father threaten to cause an insurmountable rift that could break them apart forever.

My Review: We conclude the story of Lady Rhea Claire and Dante Leighton story. Whereas, Chance the Winds of Fortune book #2 was almost all about Lady Rhea, book #3 Dark Before the Rising would be almost all about Dante. The second book ended with Lady Rhea being found and making her journey back to her family.

In this story the couple has finally made it back to England, where trouble awaits. The passion for revenge is strong in Dante and he finally will take his revenge on the one person who made his life miserable and drove him away from his home. But would the passion for revenge overshadow his love for Rhea Claire.

Dark Before the Rising Sun was fill with mystery and intrigue, and wonderfully romantic. The story plot was well crafted and very engaging. I am hoping that there would be another book to this saga and Francis would get his own story.

Dark Before the Rising Sun goes on sale October 6, 2015 Amazon | B&N


Golden starGolden starGolden star


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