Heart of the Wolf: A Silver Wolf Christmas Book Review

Terry spear will start of your holiday season with a bang or mystery intrigue. A Silver Wolf Christmas which goes on sale October 6, 2015 takes us back to Silver Town.

Laurel MacTire and her two sisters purchased a hotel that was left abandoned fifty years ago; purchasing the hotel wasn’t the only reason that the sisters came to Silver Town. The disappearance of their aunt and finding out what truly happened to her was. Laurel wasn’t expecting along the way to find her mate but a mate she does find in the form of CJ Silver.

CJ has his own problems so not long ago he and his own brothers left Silver Town on the eve of their father’s death returning eagerly to reconnect with the wolf pack that he used to call family and with the new addition to Silver Town this holiday season looks to be a joyous one.

The character was well developed and not three dimensional. The chemistry between Laurel and CJ was actually believable. The only negative side was the story dragged in spots.


Golden starGolden starGolden star


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