Brand of the Pack (Silver Wolf Clan #3) Book Review

Let me start this review by giving praise to the author Tera Shanley.  The Silver Wolf Clan series is an epic love story with deep meaning if you care to listening.

Brand of the Pack was the story of forgiveness. In the last book Morgan had to be saved by Grey after being taken by another wolf pack. Morgan the only Silver Wolf has to come to terms of being the only Silver Wolf of her kind and the only wolf capable of conceiving other Silver Wolves.

In the meantime, Grey and Morgan reconcile their differences and planned their wedding. While other men have the challenge of making sure they arrive on time for the wedding. The word “Challenge” has taken on a whole new meaning in Grey’s world.

The news has leaked that a Silver Wolf exists. Now other packs has come to challenge Grey for what he has now claimed for himself.


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